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By Chloé Valdary
8/15/2013, 11:08 AM

The Wise Man wrote that he, ‘whose hatred is covered by deceit, his wickedness will be shown before the whole congregation.’ The King cried, ‘Do not sweep my soul away with sinners, nor my life with bloodthirsty men.’ The Prophet declared, ‘Turn every man from his evil way,’ and the Founder asked ‘Where will our presence be desired, so long as we are a homeless nation?’ 

Each of these leaders addressed their people in no uncertain terms and their words still hold true today. Abu Mazen and his ilk, whose murderous schemes have been whitewashed by a willingly duped western world, will one day be served justice. Israel’s citizens cry out like their former King and they plead with their government to issue out the just recompense to terrorists for their heinous acts. They remember their founder who had the insight to realize that a people must first have some semblance of self-worth in order to achieve nationhood.This week they saw that more words are needed. 

 To the frightened and despondent leaders of the noble free world who felt compelled to complete the dastardly deed of letting monsters go free, these words, are for you. May they serve as a reminder of your place in the world, of the morals to which you must aspire, and of the just cause echoed by your forefathers, which you have unfortunately forgotten. 

Abnegation of the self is a cancer, and must cease. Blot out your Diasporic tendency to believe that as a Jew you must either be a victim or nothing at all. Conquer your enemies and never apologize for doing so. Dare!(It is the motivating principal which Herzl put forth.) Educate your sons and daughters so that when they stand upon the global stage as representatives of Zion, they understand who they are and whose they are and the exceptional legacy that they must now be made to bear. Fight for that which is yours; no one else will. Gratuity does not befit a thief, and land will never belong to hired gunmen living off of the dole of western governments. Honor those who came before you with your actions and their maxims will bear good fruit in your land. Ignominy inevitably comes when you delude yourselves into thinking that peace will come after pieces of the Jewish state are given to libel pushers and Hitler worshippers. It will not. Jerusalem is yours; claim it. Killers are crowned princes when you do not execute justice.

Laughter and dancing are heard in the streets of Ramallah while mourning and sorrow sweep the nation. Make an end to this vile affair! March in Zion with conviction and declare, ‘my land I will defend, my people I will protect, my foes I will vanquish, and my principles I will uphold! No diplomat will uproot us! Our children will dance in the streets of Sderot. Oh how with utter delight and unabashed pride will they dance!  Power will be in the hands of the just! Quiet will replace the sound of the rocket. Redemption is ours to proclaim.’ Shatter the chains of slavery with which you have convinced yourself you are to be perpetually bound to. Submerge yourselves in the strength of your David, in the wisdom of your Solomon. That very day you believe in yourselves, your moral distress will end. Unite under the banner of Zion. Under the banner of Zion, march forth. Valor and distinction are yours alone to be had in this sea of despots and relentless savages. Watch over your land and let no friend or foe take it from you. You are Jews and this, this is yours and yours alone. Your role is to awaken the will to power, to rouse it, and to spur it on. Zion is too beautiful a reality, too grand a project, and too noble a dream to ever be destroyed.

 And may the voices of Solomon, David, Jeremiah, and Theodore always be found in you.