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Has the Paper Revolution Reached You?

By Baruch Gordon
1/16/2013, 10:01 AM

At a recent family celebration in Memphis, my Virginian cousin Maurice, a young engineer in his late 20’s, ritually washed his hands before partaking of bread, as per Jewish practice. But in an innovative move not passed down for generations, he wiped his hands dry on his pants.

“Maurice,” I said pointing, “the paper towels are right over there.”

Eligible Jewish bachelor - cousin Maurice
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Big players only!

 “I don’t use paper towels in order to save trees,” he replied firmly.

I smiled back, but thought to myself, “Huh? Are you nuts? Dry your hands and let someone else worry about the trees, dude.”

But Maurice’s response left a mark on me. It was so pure and ideologically-driven, I felt...

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