Now is precisely the time to make Aliyah

David Lev,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
David Lev
David Lev produced documentaries and television commercials before making Aliyah in 1999. He then organized Diplomatic Supplements for the Jerusalem Post. Later he led a PR mission to the British Government, aimed at increasing awareness of Israel's terrorist problems. David decided upon more practical measures by serving with a volunteer unit tasked with preventing such attacks. He has won a leading writing award for a competition hosted by A7. David is founder & editor of Aliyah Magazine, dedicated to attracting Jews to live in Israel. He is currently producing Trail of the Ark, a documentary drama based on the real search for the Ark of the Covenant. David Lev Writer

Sure, I can almost hear the thoughts twittering inside your brain. "How can any sane and rational Jew even consider making Aliyah at a time like this?'" And guess what, on one level you are right! But, deep down inside every Jew there is buried the DNA of truth, which when properly activated reveals the innermost reality. Jews are connected to Israel as a heart is connected to a body.

I know that caring Jews are also suffering with the plight of their people living in Israel. The very fact of tuning into the latest news is akin to feeling the need to be closeby, isn't that like the heart circulating the essense of life around its host?  

Is it hard being in Israel right now, aren't the dangers real? Of course. After all, we are also sane and rational people. However, over here the heart and body are better connected. The heart of course is Hashem and the body is Am Israel. Yet bodily limbs and organs work best in close proximity to each other. Jews stretched out across the vast Diaspora are also further away from the heart & soul of their people. We know from our Torah that the eyes of Hashem is constantly upon Israel. Nothing is beyond the reach of Hashem, but is the same true of those who extend the reach themselves to Israel by remaining so far away?

Many Jews can also reasonably question our leadership challenges during times of war. In my opinion, even this has something to do with Jews remaining in the Diaspora. Even amongst the most secular Jews in Israel, there is a feeling of absolute strength and righteousness. This sensation permeates through the ranks of our IDF and security forces. We are less afraid then those outside of Israel to act accordingly. Brakes are needed on military vehicles because we are so driven to forging ahead in war! So what holds us back to carry out some actions, outside of military strategy?

Sadly, there is a vicious cycle at play. World leaders are often subject between two voices representing the Children of Israel, either local Jews, or those based in Israel. Usually Jews placed closer to the local seat of government win out. They in turn have to be mindul of a PR war, which Israel lost decades ago. Therefore, while Israel would seek to use such Jews as representatives, this conduit can also serve the interests of foreign governments, often concerned about local PR already in the hands of Israel's enemies. What a doomed task! Hence, Israeli policy can sometimes be subject to a foreign idealogy, with Jews in the Diaspora playing an active part.          

Other prominent Jewish voices raise self-righteous moral concerns and willingly join in their adopted nations' chorus of condemnation against any Israeli act that is based upon strength. Sure we get support when we're kicked on the ground, but the body doesn't survive very long under such continous blows. So what can you do, maybe cry out against injustice? Let's face it dear readers, Internet forums are as close as many ever get towards doing something for Israel. 

Contrary to popular belief that Israel's well being depends upon Jewish supporters in the Diaspora, I would offer a counter claim. Israel's weakness stems from an over exposure to the Diaspora mentality. This holds true from both Israelis concerned about our standing abroad, as well as Jews living overseas...themselves torn between divided loyalties.

For every Jew making a decision to come home at this hour of need, certain after-effects will surely happen. First and foremost, that individual Jew will find more inner comfort and peace of mind being closer to his people. Next, his very action creates an impression that Jews belong in Israel, and in doing so endorse our right to be here. Third, even one single Jew being with his people serves to strengthen us. Such a move sends a message that viewing Israel's fate from the Diaspora, and through their eyes, is no longer acceptable.

I can fully understand your fears. As I write this I'm waiting for my wife to find her way home after working in an office overlooking the bus which terrorists attacked today in TA. She was even stranded in the building while a hunt went on for one suspect thought to have been inside. My dear son is standing by near Gaza. I do my own part. Yet we all chose to be in Israel at this moment! There is a closeness among our people that is almost tangible and far exceeds feelings of fear & despair that can play on the minds of Jews living in the Diaspora, and caring about Israel    

You heart is here, now bring yourself over and make the ultimate connection. True peace exists when Jews are in their Jewish Homeland. G-d willing,we will prevail and totally vanquish our enemies. Am Yisrael Chai!          

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