Can You Even Picture This Response to Ahmedinajad?

Mark B. Kaplan,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Mark B. Kaplan
Mark is the director of the Office for Israeli Constitutional Law (OFICL), advocating Jewish rights to all the Land of Israel under International and Domestic law and lectures and educates about Jewish legal rights. From 2002–2006, Mark was INN-TV's news editor, producer, and studio anchor, and he served as the General Manager of Israel Independent TV news from 2006-2009. Visit the OFICL web site at e-mail ...

(Israelity! disclaimer: This article is in no way to be interpreted as advocating violent protests or rioting. Yes, we know how people love to twist words!)

So, Muslims get offended by a low budget film that no one cares about, by a nobody producer, that no one would have even known existed if someone hadn't brought it to the attention to someone or the other in the Muslim world. These "Islamists" then used the film as an excuse to riot and murder.

Now, the leader of a rather large and powerful Middle Eastern country  consistently threatens to destroy Israel, uses every opportunity in the media and on the political scene to incite violence against Israel.  
Picture this scenario happening:

Ahmedinajad, once again, speaks at the UN with his menacing and inciting language—calling Israel  a foul Zionist entity whose days are numbered. 

In reaction to Ahmedinajad's provocative rhetoric, there is a "spontaneous" violent reaction by Pro-Israel, Jewish, and Western citizens, and these offended citizens start tearing apart the hotel where Ahmedinajad is staying (in an attempt to tear the Iranian leader to shreds), the UN, any place connected with Iran or the Muslim world.
Hmmm, you can't picture that happening, can you?  


Perhaps it is because we have a set of values that does not allow us to behave in such a manner. 

President Reagan once stated that you cannot negotiate with terrorists. A person who threatens to destroy a country, either in direct words or  in veiled threats, whose actions, under the guise of "peaceful" operations is suspected, with good reason to be producing a weapon of mass destruction, certainly must fall under the definition of  terrorist (not a synonym for "militant").

It says in this week's parsha: 

כי לא כצורינו צורם

Not like our Rock is their rock.

But this does not mean we should sit by while our enemies threaten/plan to destroy us.

Should Israel attack Iran?

I could give you the pros and cons on both sides, and I still could not give you a answer that would leave me feeling comfortable. I could give possible scenarios for destroying the Iranian nuclear reactors, but even if that happened, that would not stop the Iranians from building another one? 

Iran is laughing at President Barack Obama and view his refusal to draw a red line as an American sign of weakness. Whimpiness is not considered a positive characteristic in the Muslim world, and that is why Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is adamant that the Obama Administration draws a red line for Iran. Netanyahu knows that a genuine international threat against Iran will corner Ahmedinajad, who will wait until the last moment, and then hopefully back down. No one in Israel or the United States wants to be stuck in a war with Iran. The toll on lives and the world economy would be devastating. However, the alternative of Iran having nuclear weapons would be potentially even more devastating.

I feel a sense of relief knowing the the Persian leader will appear before the World body to fire his hate and incitement against the Jewish Nation on the 10th of Tishrei—Yom HaKipurim, the day of atonement. Kipurim, atonement can also be translated as K'Purim, like Purim, the Jewish holiday that celebrates the Jewish people being saved from the plans of the evil Haman in Persia in the time of Mordecahi and Queen Esther.

As we head into Yom Kippur, may Queen Esther's request that 

אם על המלך טוב, ינתן גם מחר ליהודים אשר בשושן לעשות כדת היום, ואת עשרת בני המן יתלו על העץ.

If it pleases the King (HASHEM), allow the Jews that are in Shushan to do tomorrow as they did today,  and let the ten sons of Haman be hanged on the gallows.