Great challenges faced by my wife!

David Lev,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
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David Lev
David Lev produced documentaries and television commercials before making Aliyah in 1999. He then organized Diplomatic Supplements for the Jerusalem Post. Later he led a PR mission to the British Government, aimed at increasing awareness of Israel's terrorist problems. David decided upon more practical measures by serving with a volunteer unit tasked with preventing such attacks. He has won a leading writing award for a competition hosted by A7. David is founder & editor of Aliyah Magazine, dedicated to attracting Jews to live in Israel. He is currently producing Trail of the Ark, a documentary drama based on the real search for the Ark of the Covenant. David Lev Writer

Aliyah Magazine is dedicated to building up an Aliyah Community that attracts Jews home to Israel. This following story underlines the importance of getting it right!  

This is the second article related to the efforts of an Ethiopian man married to a Jew, with Jewish children, to assist their efforts to make Aliyah. The first article (see Aliyah Blogs) gave an introduction to their plight. We now get a better glimpse into the very personal challenges they face on a daily basis. I urge anyone in a position to help to further their quest, to do so.

In my opinion, we should do our best to return home the many African infiltrators that have smuggled themselves across our borders and unleashed a program of criminals acts such as rape, violent robbery etc., against our Jewish nation. However, Israel should never succumb to becoming a nation of fascist bigots. Our people were dispersed to all corners of the earth and have many distinct colorful faces. We should not fail to assist those in such desperate need based on one’s concept of what color Jews should be. Those dispersed to northern climates ‘suffered’ a loss of skin pigmentation from the healthy glow of living in Israel.

Imagine that this family lives in Brooklyn, Sydney or Golder’s Green in London, and is experiencing the same unacceptable fate?

Nor do I care that the husband is a non-Jew. He is a decent human being dedicated to his wife & family. We cannot stand idly by while our brother or sister’s blood is endangered! That goes for Jews no matter where they are scattered in the Diaspora. It is well past the hour to safely gather in our people.

“Dear David and readers,

Previously I tried to reveal the truth challenges faced by children while we are striving to live here in Ethiopia. Everybody who used to pass his childhood being a child of a Jews ancestor in Ethiopia may understand and share what I stated earlier.

Besides my children, my wife has also obliged to pass through unbeatable challenges since her childhood. Even after our marriage, the deeds of the Ethiopian population manifested against the Jews are so bitter. Despite my efforts to assisting her, she suffered a lot. At the beginning my relatives rejected and pressurized her to leave me. Due to the true affection she had they couldn’t succeed. I have been always standing in favor of her. Through time, we are able to convince the relatives and currently assisting our fight to overcome others pressure.


What did you feel if kids are rushing for home as they see you? What measures will you take if somebody who has been carrying a child hides/cover the face suddenly as he sees you? It was the day to day happenings and still is practiced as my wife bypassed. Recently, one of our neighbors called a friend of my wife who is living near to us and enquired whither she is  a relatives or not to us. The friend confirmed them as if she is not our relative. Then, they advised her to leave our village and relocate to somewhere that is not accessible to us. This is just to mean that my wife is “an Evil eye” or” hyena rider”. In fact she is not! My children also are not evil eye!

The government structures who are responsible to settle this type matter are themselves unchanged from the society. They can’t protect us. This is why we finally agreed to want to move to the holy land of God, Israel where my wife ancestors have been rooted.”