Jewish Captives of the Diaspora

David Lev,

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לבן ריק
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David Lev
David Lev produced documentaries and television commercials before making Aliyah in 1999. He then organized Diplomatic Supplements for the Jerusalem Post. Later he led a PR mission to the British Government, aimed at increasing awareness of Israel's terrorist problems. David decided upon more practical measures by serving with a volunteer unit tasked with preventing such attacks. He has won a leading writing award for a competition hosted by A7. David is founder & editor of Aliyah Magazine, dedicated to attracting Jews to live in Israel. He is currently producing Trail of the Ark, a documentary drama based on the real search for the Ark of the Covenant. David Lev Writer

The Article They Don’t Want You To Read:

By David Lev 

Jewish captives of the Diaspora

No matter how many generations might pass of animals born & bred in a zoo, their offspring are still captives. The only difference is that they have become so dependent on their foster environment that they can be forgiven for feeling that they are truly at home where they belong.

A famous Roman Anti-Semite nonetheless came up with a remarkable quote:  “To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child. For what is the worth of human life, unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history?” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero.

So is the case of Jewish captives living in the Diaspora. Can one truly ignore the original route that led to their current home? The inescapable fact is that the Jewish people originally lived in the Land of Israel, and through invading armies, many were forcibly removed into exile. Those that voluntary followed their kin to foreign shores, often due to famine or other hardship, still does not alter the original fact…Jews were captives of the Diaspora. Accordingly, their offspring are born and bred in captivity, albeit of an often benign nature.

Today, Jews are once more being alerted to the fact that they are strangers. objects of contempt, derision and sadly physical abuse. Why is this happening in the Diaspora, and in particular why now?

Israel stands upright once more as the Jewish Homeland, which many attribute to divine intervention. It is like one’s real parents’ appealing to children brought up in a foster home, to return to where they truly belong. Yet the children of Israel often don’t get the message. Meanwhile the benign facade of their foster home is gradually withering away, revealing cracks in the wall, from which vermin crawl out to attack those too slow to escape.

What is the reaction to the current spectacle of Jew hatred in the Diaspora? New self supporting groups are formed, some to defend battered communities, others to appease their persecutors. ‘Why attack us, we are just like you, surely the real culprit is elsewhere!’

Enter Israel into the fray. Just like Pharoah wanted to retain his slaves and keep them downtrodden, so too, do modern rulers prefer to keep ‘their’ Jews under their thumb. Who can deny the claim of being an American Jew, a British Jew etc., some Jews even served under Nazi Germany in WW2! They’ll be knighted, decorated, enriched, as long as they don’t cry out for reunification with their true parents, Israel. Hence, Israel is continuously  the subject of scorn and unbridled hatred. Justice cannot be attributed to the way Israel is compared in the world to being the ‘bad guys’. Little by little recognition of one’s true identity is eroded and replaced by a new national consciousness. The face and call of their historic parents reborn in Israel today, offering a renewed homecoming, goes largely unnoticed. Indeed, the campaign of outrageous misinformation, often aided by our own mistakes, has almost succeeded in eradicating the true image of Israel. However, the lion within roars and a chill echo shivers through the spine. Words of the heart go to the heart, and the spirit of Israel lives on in its rightful place.

Replacement theories seems as though everyone wants a slice of Israel, from a claim on its spiritual legacy to the actual physical home of the Jewish people. We are indeed thankful for the sincere support of many non-Jewish friends of all religious denominations, who have our welfare at heart without ulterior motive. Sadly, they seem to have a better understanding of the serious nature of the problems we face, than do many of our endangered kinsmen.

Yet, we have faith in our people and their inborn ability to recognize truth when they see it. More importantly, we trust that they will be able to rise like lion cubs disturbed by a long sleep, to be greeted with the dawn of a bright new day, a day in which they can bravely trace their steps back home. There is a natural bond between Jews worldwide, and G-d willing we can once more be gathered together in peace. 

Coming articles will further explore where the Jewish people stand today concerning the Diaspora and Israel. 

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