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Time for Elections?

By Rabbi Lazer Brody
5/3/2012, 1:05 PM

Everything is perfect in Israel.

There is no unemployment.

There is no lack of housing.

There's no crime; there are no thousands of illegal Sudani immigrants all over the country.

Our politicians are all people of upright morals. None of them have pending investigations or corruption charges filed against them.

No one in Judea or Samaria is about to lose their home, G-d forbid, and everything in Migron is hunky dorry.

There's no violence or drugs in secular Israeli schools. 

Hizbolla, Syria, and Hamas don't have tens of thousands of rockets aimed at Israel.

Abu Mazan's favorite media source is Arutz 7.

The 300 rockets that fell in the south of Israel last month was really a Disney sound and light show.

Iran never dreamed of threatening us. The Iranian national anthem has been changed to "Hava Nagila" because they love us so much.

But we're now going to throw our country into turmoil with elections.

And it's all the Haredis' fault. They don't serve in the army. They don't like our soldiers. They don't pay taxes.

* * * * *

You, dear reader are an individual of intelligence. You realize that all the above is satire. But, all the politicians from all the parties, both right and left, are feeding outright racist anti-Haredi garbage to what they think is a gullible and brainless electorate in order to be elected. That's sad.

Too bad; we won't be discouraged and we'll keep on spreading emuna. That's the real key to our success, not the silly elections.