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Thanks For The Memories

By Tzvi Fishman
4/10/2012, 2:04 AM

Rabbi Kook teaches that the Exodus from Egypt was not a one-time historic event in the life of the Jewish People, but rather an ever-continuing process of birth and redemption that finds renewed expression at this time of the year. For me, this spirit of rebirth and renewal stirs me to reach out to new audiences this year, in new ways and different channels, in order to bring the light of Zion to brothers and sisters still lost in impure lands of exile and material darkness.

First, I would like to thank Israel National News for giving me the opportunity these past few years to spread the light of Torat Eretz Yisrael to readers who have never been exposed to the true light of the Torah in all of its national fullness, and for being able to clarify the overwhelming centrality of Eretz Yisrael to Jewish life, as compared to the tragedy of Jewish life in the Diaspora. We are also thankful for having had the privilege of alerting our holy brothers and sisters to the dangers of Internet surfing and for being the first to discuss the subject on the web.

Last week, with the infinite kindness of G-d, we had the great joy of seeing our eldest son married, and we hope to have another three weddings this year. Accordingly, my free time to write blogs is limited, and I will be devoting, G-d willing, more hours to translating (for parnassah) books which deal with the revitalized national identity of Am Yisrael in our time of Redemption and with the great mitzvah of living in Eretz Yisrael. For the time being, my ocassional essays will appear on the new “Times of Israel” website, which has agreed to publish my words and even allow me to post an ocassional link to my books.

So thanks for the memories. I hope that I have illuminated some lives with my writings, and brought fellow Jews closer to Torah and to the Land of Israel. May Hashem soon return all of His People to Zion and ingather the scattered from the four corners of the earth – even the most melted and glued couch potatoes, however difficult that task may be.

Thanks for the memories