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Beit HaMachpela

By David Wilder
3/29/2012, 4:03 PM

Interview with Shlomo Levinger at Beit HaMachpela

The Jewish Community of Hebron
March 29, 2012

Interview with Shlomo Levinger at Beit HaMachpela
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Q. Shomo Levinger, we are on the roof of Beit Hamachpela, here in Hebron. What’s going on?
A. Last nite 15 families moved in here. Now those families live here in this building. The children are playing. Thank G-d.

Q. The media is quoting the IDF as saying that this is a provocation, and is dangerous, that this isn’t the time. What’s your opinion?
A. I don’t know why this isn’t ‘the time.’ We purchased this building and as soon as the deal was finished we moved in. We came to live here.

Q. What are your plans here? Is this a solitary purchase, are there more?
A. With G-d’s help, this is one in a series of buildings and hopefully, in the near future, we’ll hear more good news, about more new buildings purchased here in Hebron.

Q. What do you say to those who claim this is a provocation? That Jews move into a newly purchased building here in Hebron?
A. Can it be imagined that the only place in the world that Jews cannot buy a building is here in Hebron, next to Ma’arat HaMachpela, the first Jewish national heritage site, Jews, cannot buy a house? I don’t understand the question.

Shlomo, thank you very much.



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