With Those Arabs, There Can't Be Peace

Batya Medad ,

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לבן ריק
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Batya Medad
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With Those Arabs, There Can't Be Peace

The other day, I found myself watching an episode of the TV show "24," and I couldn't stop laughing.  No, it's not a comedy, certainly not intentionally by the screenwriters.  It's a very tense drama, but there was some dialogue that ran so true, I thought I was eavesdropping on high-ranking politicians/diplomats/policy-makers.  One character, Jack Bauer, was looking on incredulously while the other Allison Taylor, who is supposed to be President of the USA, was insisting that his actions would damage the "peace process."  She was part of negotiations to "bring peace" to a part of the world that "never had peace before."  Granted, I'm paraphrasing from memory.

How many times have international and Israeli politicians/diplomats said the same fantasy-filled junk/lies?

"Happily ever after" may be the perfect ending to a fictional fairy tale, book or movie, but in real life we have enemies who can't change their "stripes," feelings, ideologies, psyches etc.  Israel has Arab enemies who aren't shy about telling the truth.  They want to destroy us!  Ignoring this easy to verify fact is the biggest danger to world peace than any other thing going on in the world today! 

In real life people are murdered by terrorists.  It's irreversible.

Caroline Glick's article about the "land for peace hoax" is a must-read.  Another necessary read is PMW, Palestinian Media Watch, which is now also in עברית Hebrew.

Will there ever be peace?  G-d willing, in the future there will be peace, but it's not something we can "buy," negotiate etc.  True peace will evolve, when the Arabs realize that we are strong and can't be budged.  So, the truth is that, yes, peace is up to us, but being "nice" won't get us peace. 

Only if we're strong, determined and faithful to G-d and our Land will we have true peace!