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Spy or Not Spy

By Tamar Yonah
1/8/2012, 11:01 AM

Guest Post by 'Dan, the Guy Who works with Leftists' who appears every sunday night on my show at 9:30pm Israel time.

Recently, the Israeli government has considered trying Judea and Samaria activists who report on the IDF's activity to residents of the settlements for espionage.
For example, if someone posted on a hilltop sends an SMS message to a resident of an outpost, "the bulldozers are on their way to your front door," he could be accused of spying.
File:Nuvola spy.png
In light of that report, we propose a new game show for Israeli TV, "Spy or Not a Spy."
Here is our host, Alex Quebec.

Alex:  "Contestant #1, please choose your category: so-called 'human rights' activists, over-the-top knesset members, or sob-story journalists.

Contestant #1: I'll put 10 points on so-called human rights activists.

Alex: Your question is about Jessica Montell, director of B'Tzelem, who, according to Caroline Glick, colluded with the infamous UN Goldstone commission, 
which investigated the IDF's operation Cast Lead against the terrorists in Gaza.
Jessical Montell, spy or not a spy ?"

Contestant #1 answers:  Let me guess, ah ah ah ...,  a spy ?
Buzzer sounds.
Alex: I'm sorry, that is not correct, Jessical Montell has never been accused of espionage by the State Attorney's office.

Alex: "Contestant #2, come on down.  What category do you choose  ?"

Contestant #2, I choose so-called 'human rights' activists for 20 points.

Alex: your question is about Yariv Openheimer of Peace Now, which according to its own site, has a 'settlement watch' team which compiles reports on settlement activity.  
These reports are used by the US State Dept. and the EU to follow settlement construction.
Is Yariv Oppenheimer a spy or not a spy ?"

Contestant #2 answers: "I say a spy."
Buzzer sounds.

Alex: I'm sorry, that is not correct, Yariv Oppenheimer has never been indicted for espionage.

Alex: "Contestant #3 come on down.  What category do you choose  ?"

Contestant #3, I choose over-the-top knesset members for 15 points.

Alex: "Your question is about knesset member Hanin Zouabi who was aboard the Mavi Marmara ship,  part of the flotilla headed for Gaza,
in which IDF soldiers who boarded the ship were brutally attacked by militants on the ship, almost killing them.
Hanin Zouabi, spy or not a spy."

Contestant #3:  I guess she's a spy.

Buzzer sounds.
Alex: I'm sorry, that is not correct.  Israel's Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein decided not to prosecute MK Zouabi.