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A Diamond in the Rough

By Tzvi Fishman
1/3/2012, 9:01 AM

During my excursions and excavations on Facebook, waving my flashlight to and fro in a fairly futile attempt to illuminate the digital darkness, trying to locate lost Jews and turn them on to the incomparable mitzvah of living in Eretz Yisrael, I was invited to join a refreshing group called “Kosher Kabbala,” which is a reader friendly, “sweet and low,” approach to Kabbalah. 

Needless to say, my posts, negating the exile and calling for aliyah, stirred up a lively debate, prompting the group’s most enlightened spiritual mentor, a true diamond in the rough, Rabbi Michael Guttmacher, to send in the following comment:

“Let us understand what Tzvi is doing. Tzvi is trying to shake the Neshama that is enclothed in the materialistic part of the world, America. Let us understand that if all the Jews that believe in God would come to Israel tomorrow, Moshiach will surely appear, the Arabs will go back in fear and the Jewish people would become stronger than ever and indestructible.

“Tzvi is trying to wake up our Neshama with strong words of encouragement and he is right. He does it out of love. The problem is that many Jews don't even think or dream to go live in Israel; they feel I can be Jewish here, and this is not a correct thought according to the Torah. We can only be complete Jews by moving there.

“Someone who doesn't have a long-term plan to eventually move to Israel as soon as his situation allows is disconnecting himself from the true purpose of Creation. Every day you should feel a pain that you are not there, if you don't, you have been assimilated and you need a new dose of spiritual surgery.

“Read about the greatness of Israel, why it is so special, why it is more spiritual there, learn what is the mission of the Jews, and how it is connected to the land. Go learn, revive and excite yourself, become passionate and fall in love with the Land of Israel, with the Jews, with the place where prophecy took place and where God was once completely revealed in His house. Then you might have a chance to survive Golus. Plan trips to go visit the Holy Land, see the miracles and the prophecy of the dry land which became an oasis, now filled with delicious fruits, for the first time in 2000 years. Go and become an Israeli, a true Yehudi.”

Thank you, Rabbi Guttmacher.

P.S. While the “Kosher Kabbala” group offers a constant stream of interesting articles and clips, I certainly cannot endorse Facebooking, as I have warned my readers in the past. It is filled with dangers, including immodest pictures popping up everywhere and actual porn. Furthermore, in addition to the wonderful people you’ll find there, it is infested to with all kinds of whackos, including missionaries in all kinds of costumes and sweet-sounding voices. So, please, my good friends, beware.