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Sorry to Dump on Your Xmas

By Tzvi Fishman
11/29/2011, 11:11 AM

Hoop hoop hurray! America and Canada are putting out postal stamps for Hanukah! Hoop hoop hurray! What a proud day for the Jewish People! What a great achievement! How proud we all should be that our gentile masters have allowed us a miniature stamp commemorating Hanukah!

Dear friends, before beginning our serialization of “Tevye in the Promised Land,” I feel compelled to comment on this news item which appeared yesterday on Israel National News, regarding the new US and Canadian postal stamps for Hanukah.

In the tsunami of impurity and spiritual pollution that is Christmas, the Jews have been given a tiny little stamp, much like a rich landlord tosses a scrap of food to his dog. This December, in the sea of Christian symbols, Christian mangers, Christian Santas, Christian bell ringers, Christian advertisements, Christian store windows, Christian floor displays, Christian commercials, Christian TV shows, Christian office parties, and Christian messages of Christian saviors and goodwill to men, the Jews will have a stamp commemorating Hanukah. Halleluyah!

Christmas lights in Melksham

Xmas, Everywhere You Go

Just to remind you, dear friends, what Hanukah is – Hanukah is the holiday that celebrates the NATIONAL ISRAELI VICTORY OVER GENTILE RULE IN ERETZ YISRAEL. Hanukah is the holiday that celebrates the VICTORY OF TORAH OVER REFORM JUDAISM AND ASSIMILATION. Hanukah is the holiday that celebrates the VICTORY OF HOLINESS OVER GREEK AND EUROPEAN HEDONISM.

Hoop hoop hurray! In this winter’s sea of red stockings, Xmas trees, and extra beefy Christmas editions of Playboy Magazine, the gentiles have given the Diaspora Jews a Hanukah stamp! Hoop hoop hurray!

How a Diaspora Jew can survive the month of December, I truly don’t know. With such a bombardment of Christian culture, as the song says, “It’s beginning to look like Christmas everywhere you go,” everywhere you look, to the point where you have to stare down at your snow-covered shoes to escape it – can there be a greater degradation than this?

Notre Dame de Paris cathedral with Christmas tree

Xmas in Paris

Xmas in London

Wallpapers Christmas in Rockefeller Center, New York, papeis desktop image Christmans Commemorative Dates

Xmas in NY

In Israel, if you didn’t go to Bethlehem, you wouldn’t even know it was Xmas at all. Nothing. No red stockings and Santas, no reindeers and mistletoes. If for this reason only, every self-respecting Jew should say goodbye to the orgy of Christian culture in which he lives, in New York, London, Melbourne, and gay Paree, and make aliyah today!  Bocer tov, heverim! The Almighty has given us back our own HOLY LAND! No more does a Jew have to suffer the omnipresent humiliation and spiritual pollution of Xmas. Just get on a plane, Jane, and get yourself free!

Wake up, my friends. You may say that all the unholy decorations and stories of Jesus don’t bother you, but it isn’t true – their messages seep in like deadly poisons, reducing Hanukah and the GIANT ETERNAL TRUTHS OF TORAH into a tiny stamp. That’s right, my friends. In the incessant bombardment of Christian culture, Diaspora Judaism is reduced to stamp-size Judaism. Jews come to think that Judaism is just like Christianity – Heaven forbid, a one-day-in- the-week religion, Jewish on the Sabbath and rubbing elbows with the Connellys and Cunninghams the other six days of the week. In the incessant bombardment of Christian culture in America, Canada, England, and France, Jews come to think that Judaism is a merely a bunch of rituals and holidays, and maybe keeping kosher.  In the incessant bombardment of Christian culture in America, Canada, England, and France, Jews tragically come to believe that their religion is Jewish, but their nationality is American, Canadian, English, or French. But that isn’t the Judaism that the Maccabees were ready to die for. To them, the Torah was more than a Greek stamp. They went to war so that they, and their descendents after them, wouldn’t be Greeks or Americans or Frenchmen with baseball caps and berets on their heads. They went to war to be sovereign Israeli Jews in their own sovereign Land. They went to war so they wouldn’t have to suffer the humiliation of Greek holidays and Greek temples and Greek brothels and the humiliation of living in a tsunami of Hellenist culture, like the Hellenist culture that surrounds the Jew today in foreign gentile lands. The Maccabees understood that Judaism is more than a religion – Judaism is a NATIONALITY – the holy Torah constitution of the NATION OF ISRAEL, a holy NATION in its LAND, comprising religious rituals along with the holy AGRICULTURAL laws, and holy laws of GOVERNMENT, MILITARY, JUSTICE, FESTIVALS IN JERUSALEM, and NATIONAL ISRAELI SERVICE.

The Maccabees understood that Torah Judaism is being a proud sovereign Jew in your own HOLY LAND – not in someone else’s, where a Jew is fated to be a despised and temporarily tolerated minority under gentile rule, daily poisoned by the ubiquitous and pernicious gentile culture around him, which pollutes our understandings and transforms a holiday of NATIONAL LIBERATION into a holiday of pseudo Xmas gifts and jelly donuts, totally lacking the aspirations and goals the Maccabees fought and died for - to oust the Greeks and their poisonous gentile culture from Israel.

Yes, for 2000 years, we didn’t have the means at our disposal to re-conquer the Land of Israel, and we had to make do with Christmas time and the humiliation of the exile. But now we have our OWN LAND. Our prayers have come true! G-d has returned us to Israel! We no longer have to make do with miniature Hanukah stamps and striving to fit in with the gentiles.

This year – become a BIG JEW! This year – be a MACCABEE! Break free of your chains! Start a COMPLETE JEWISH LIFE IN ISRAEL!