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Be Fruitful and Multiply!

By Tzvi Fishman
11/21/2011, 12:11 PM

As I mentioned, I have recently started to post messages on Facebook, hoping to spread the word about Shmirat HaBrit and Aliyah. To my great dismay, I am overwhelmed by the number of single Jewish people that are still floating solo through cyberspace, without finding their soulmates, may Hashem have mercy. And the number of divorced people is saddening as well. Chevre! Brothers and sisters! We have to build our Nation. The Nazis, may them and their sympathizers be erased, and all of the other "gentil" gentiles who, over the centuries, joined in the evil plot to do away with G-d's Chosen People, don't need us to help them. We have to marry and bring Jewish babies into the world, who will grow up to be rabbis and soldiers in the army of Hashem!

So before we continue with the concluding chapter of "Heaven's Door," here's 2 important dvarei Torah from the Kabbalist, Rabbi Leon Levi, shlita, that I ask you to share with friends in cyberspace, men and women alike, to give them an added push to get married to a fellow Jew.

Be Fruitful and Multiply!
by the revered Kabbalist, HaRav Eliyahu Leon Levi

“And G-d blessed them, and G-d said to them, Be fruitful and multiply, and fill up the land.” (Bereshit, 1:28.)

The very first commandment of the Torah is the mitzvah “to be fruitful and multiply.” This obligation precedes all of the other commandments of the Torah.  For the Divine Presence does not descend to illuminate its earthy branches except through the decent of heavenly souls into this world. For this reason, a man must be fruitful and multiply, in order to bring celestial souls into this world. For when a soul is brought into this world, an exalted heavenly light spreads forth below. Thus, this is a very great mitzvah, immeasurable in its worth, and all other commandments are dwarfed beside it.

For this reason, a man who has not yet married and started a home, it is like he has not yet achieved anything. For this mitzvah is the foundation of the world, and all of the other commandments do not come to life except through this commandment, since everything else is dependent upon it, since through it all of the other commandments may be observed in all of their wholeness.

There is no way for any Jew in the world to ascend the ladder of holiness and to enter its inner chambers until he is married.  This can be seen in the life of our forefather, Yaacov, as we learn from our holy Torah, “I sojourned with Lavan and I kept the 613 commandments.”  This means that it was Lavan the Arami who caused Yaacov to observe all of the mitzvot by giving him his daughters to Yaacov in marriage, even though Lavan did not intend it for Yaacov’s spiritual advantage.  Getting married was what caused the celestial gates to be opened for Yaacov, enabling him to enter the treasure house of Torah and to observe G-d’s commandments with love and endearment. When Yaacov had children and multiplied, the Shechinah attached itself to him in every place and every moment. Even Lavan, who was a powerful and evil sorcerer, could not harm Yaacov, for the L-rd was with him.

Therefore my cherished son, what a serious self-accounting you must undertake starting today in order to enter the halls of holiness. Be fruitful and multiply - all in a spirit of holiness and purity, with the pristine awareness that in your marriage relations you bring down priceless souls from the upper realms into this world. In doing this, your reward will be multiplied greatly by the Master of the Universe. Great blessing will be granted you, and you will not lack anything, as it says regarding our forefather, Yitzhak, “And the man grew great, and went forward, and grew until he became very great.”

The foolish individual who does not busy himself with having children, and who deceives himself with facetious arguments, saying, “What does the Rabbi want from me – I don’t have an apartment spacious enough for a wife, nor a big enough salary,” and other vain and selfish excuses; this won’t save him at all. Let him ask his forefathers with what hardships they brought him into the world, and yet he is healthy and living a good life.  Only a fool does not understand that it is precisely because he is procrastinating in this, and sinking in a deep slumber by not getting married and not bringing children into the world that he is not blessed . For this reason, he is passing his days without true joy and struggling to earn a good livelihood. People who purposefully delay from fulfilling this mitzvah, may G-d save us from this sin, exist without Torah, wisdom, happiness, wealth, and without a fear of Heaven. They cause their fortune to fall, and bring it about that blessings are withheld from them. They are banished in the eyes of Heaven, and the Celestial Hosts bring accusations against them. They weaken G-d’s supernal chariots, and transgress the Torah, and bring Heavenly judgments down on themselves.

Behold, with all of Hezkiahu’s righteousness and saintliness, these attributes did not come to his aid at all when he refused to marry. And concerning Nadav and Avihu, when they brought an offering before G-d and died, the verse emphasizes, “and they did not have children,” implying that if they had had children, they would have been saved. We see from the lives of these righteous individuals the great obligation to be married and to have children. In doing so we give strength to the upper spiritual worlds, as it says, “Give strength to G-d.”

May Hashem be with you in being a valiant warrior in His service. May all those who take heed to my words be blessed with saintly wives, holy marital relations, a prosperous and proper Jewish home, and with righteous children.


Daughters of Israel

By Rabbi Eliahu Leon Levi, shilta
Excerpted from the book, “Mishbatzot Zahav Livusha”

Dear daughter of Israel, more precious than pearls, know that you embody within yourself a reflection of the highest spiritual worlds. Therefore, come and heed the word of G-d. Please be aware that the entire purpose of your marriage is to fulfill the commandment, “Be fruitful and multiply,” to bring children into the world, in order to raise and educate them in the path of the Torah and the commandments, and to lead them on the holy and time-honored path of spiritual elevation fostered by our holy Forefathers. It is precisely in fulfilling these precepts of having children and educating them properly, along with other holy commandments, that you will come to great reward in this world, and will merit the ever-multiplied reward which the Blessed One has prepared for you in the world to come.

Therefore, you should know, holy queen, righteous one, daughter of the Blessed One Holy Be He, that an unthinkable thing has occurred. Many young married women have postponed having children, so that they could live a life of great personal enjoyment after their weddings, without the disturbance of children. A few years later, when they felt that the time and circumstances were right for them to raise a family, time betrayed them. To be more exact, the Heavenly Court decreed otherwise, preventing them from having children because of various sexual transgressions performed with their husbands during the period they chose to remain barren, which caused a great wasting of semen, including engaging in unnatural relations, and having relations in immodest, brazen positions, all without shame, without reflecting for even a moment that the honor of G-d fills the world, and that He sees all of man’s doings. Therefore, these women were left barren all of their lives without the ability to bring offspring into the world.

Additionally, there have been other couples who tried to have children after refraining for years, who did these same mistakes, and who also ignored the commandments of the Torah, and were accordingly punished by the Heavenly Court, may G-d have mercy, in such a manner that they could no longer have children. It is important to understand the punishment that befell these women who made a conscious decision to postpone having children in order to insure themselves greater personal pleasures and joy. One can ask, since joy in marriage is a positive thing, why were they punished by the Heavenly Tribunal?

The answer is that these couples, and many others like them who avoid having children, decide from the start that children will not be born from their marital relations. Thus they perform their marital relations in a spirit of levity, lacking the proper holy intention that the marriage union deserves. In this absence of holy reverence, semen is often carelessly spilled in vain, and this causes great anguish to the souls of the Jewish People, as these souls fall into exile, imprisoned in the realm of spiritual impurity.

Transgressions of this nature bring about a state of exile to our emotional and physical beings, causing severe illnesses. Through these harsh sufferings, the Heavenly Court collects its dues for the pleasures these couples engaged in, turning their ONEG ענג (Hebrew word for pleasure) into NEGA  נגע(Hebrew word for plague). Only after this painful exculpation of suffering and sickness will their fortunes be transformed for the better, in true pleasure and blessing and joy.

Another sorrowful outcome of the decision to postpone having children is that Jewish souls are prevented from coming to this world. This delays the coming of Mashiach and prolongs the exile, bringing upon our people even greater tribulations than we have suffered until now. Therefore, my precious daughter, your mistaken judgment brought you to severe transgression, which damaged all of your physical being, and darkened the ladder of spiritual worlds that you are attached to, causing great anguish in the upper celestial realms, and causing our Father, our King, to sit and weep over his holy daughter, more precious than gold.

All of this came about from a lack of knowledge and some foolish, unthinking behavior, in that you did not seek the counsel of righteous rabbis and genuine Kabbalists who understand these matters, who could have helped you to elevate your thinking to a more exalted level. In this way, you could have come to a proper course of decision-making, and learned how to arrange the turmoil in your head and overcome confusing thoughts. In lieu of this, you brought upon yourself a profound spiritual and moral descent, all because you failed to understand why you have come into this world. For you have been brought into this world to improve the world, and not to damage it. Furthermore, you forgot that there is a Law, and there is a Judge, and all of your deeds are recorded. Thus it was your own doings that caused your fall, in that you did not seek to fathom G-d’s sublime moral way.

Therefore, please, honored women and daughters of Israel, don’t err and fall away from the path of the Torah, specifically in these matters. May it be the will of our Father in Heaven that the Jewish People be fruitful and multiply, and be blessed with good health, and that the Blessed One Holy Be He, in His great mercy, overturn the Heavenly decree that befell these mistaken women and immediately grant them sons who will grow up to serve Hashem, “for all of the people have fallen into mistaken ways.” Amen, may it be G-d’s will.