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The Eternal One of Israel Will Not Lie

By Tzvi Fishman
10/17/2011, 10:10 PM

The Diaspora Lovers have found a new excuse for not coming to live in Israel – the Government of Israel is freeing 1000 terrorists in order to free a single Jew.

First, let me make my feelings clear. To me, the swap is sickening, ignominious, dangerous, immoral, and loathsome. Like many of us in Israel, I feel ashamed, embarrassed, angered, and betrayed.

But I’m not leaving the country. And if I lived in America, this disgusting act of national surrender wouldn’t prevent me from coming to live in Israel, which needs every clear-thinking Jew to settle here and raise a family, in order to get its act together and become the true moral beacon to the world – which means killing terrorists on the spot, period, without court cases and prison terms and prisoner exchanges.

Let me remind you that G-d commanded Avraham to make aliyah when the Land was filled with savages, idol worshipers, and rulers even more corrupt and faithless than our politicians today.

And G-d commanded Moshe and Yehoshua to bring the Jews to Israel, even though the Land was ruled by seven barbaric and idol worshipping nations, who sacrificed children to pagan gods and were no less bestial than the terrorists roaming around Israel today. And while Bibi, Barak, Peres, and Supremeless Court Judge Beinish are far cries from what true Jewish leaders should be, they are no worse than the leaders of the Canaanites of yore, when G-d insisted that the Jews must nonetheless come to dwell in the Land.

Why? Because G-d wants the Jewish People to live in Israel. Period. This is where the Jewish People are to live, and where the mitzvot are to be performed, whether there are idol worshippers, and terrorists, and corrupt politicians in the Land or not. The commandment to live in the Land is not dependent on the living conditions here, or whether it’s convenient to the Jews or not, or whether it’s easy or hard. G-d wants the Jews to live in Israel – period. That’s the truth of the Torah. That’s the way it was in the days of Avraham and Moshe, and that’s the way it is today.

We will persevere. Israel will win out in the end. No matter how foolishly we behave and how many mistakes we make, G-d will never abandon us, nor break His promise to give us the Land, in order that his great Name be sanctified amongst the nations of the world, when they see that the Eternal One of Israel will not lie, and that He has chosen us from all of the peoples of the world when He takes vengeance on His enemies.

May the day soon come to pass when all of the murderers of our people be penned up in Gaza and the city be bombed into a heap of dust and ashes, in honor of the victims, that their murders be avenged and true justice be established over all of the earth, and on that day, Hashem will be One and His Name will be One.