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We Can All Learn a Lesson From the Arabs

By Tzvi Fishman
9/12/2011, 11:09 PM

In the Talmud, Rabbi Yochanan teaches: “If the Torah hadn’t been given, we could have learned modesty from a cat; the prohibition concerning theft from an ant (who doesn’t take from the bread of its fellow); and proper marital relations from a dove (who is faithful with its partner). In a similar light, come September 20, we could learn a lesson about the proper dedication to Eretz Yisrael from the Arabs who are petitioning the United Nations to recognize their “right” to a legitimate Palestinian State in the Land of Israel, G-d forbid.

For over a hundred years, ever since Jews began returning in greater and greater numbers to Eretz Yisrael, the Arabs have been struggling to possess the Land for themselves. They have been willing to wage an endless Jihad, and to die, in their crazed and demonic struggle to banish the Jews. They have unrelentingly lied in creating the myth of their claim to “Palestine.”  Their leaders have traveled all over the world, speaking with every television station and foreign government to persuade them to back their cause. They have repeatedly killed and maimed innocent hundreds, Jews and non-Jews alike, and have shown a willingness to spend decades in prison to carry out their immoral, deceitful, and bloodthirsty cause.

And all the while that the Arabs were demonstrating a persistent and fervent dedication to their goal of winning the Land of Israel, along with a passionate spirit of self-sacrifice, hundreds of thousands of Jews were watching TV in their comfortable homes in New York, London, Paris, Antwerp, Melbourne, Cape Town, and Mexico City, not interrupting their careers, golf games, pub hopping, and lavish and meaningless bar mitzvahs.

Tragically, when it comes to dedication to Eretz Yisrael, we can learn a lesson from the Arabs. At least they want to live here, and the Land even isn’t theirs!

My dear brothers and sisters, had the Jews of the Diaspora shown the same love for the Land of Israel as the Arabs have demonstrated, and flocked home to Israel when the first chance arose with the establishment of Medinat Yisrael, the United Nations would never be meeting on September 20th to declare the formation of a new and legitimate Palestinian State. This whole farcical and dangerous situation has come about because of the vacuum which we ourselves created. Instead of Jews populating the Land of our Forefathers in all of its fullness, we preferred the flesh pots of the exile, and let the Arabs take our place. Instead of teaching our children that the Land of Israel was theirs, we taught them that they were loyal and productive Americans. Instead of millions of Jews flocking home to Israel, we put all of our talents and holy energies into making millions for ourselves. Instead of building in the Promised Land, we built in Monsey, Long Island, and Miami Beach. Instead of making the Jordan Valley a thriving Jewish community and strip of technological wonder, we settled the Valley of LA and preferred Silicon Valley and fantastic salaries, leaving the Arabs to show the world how much they valued the Land in our place.

Yes, there will be a handful of New York Jews protesting on the streets of Manhattan, and Jews throughout the Diaspora will hysterically Facebook and Twitter away, but, fellows, if you love Israel so much, why don’t you live here? The Arabs are sending their children to fight for the Land of Israel – are you?

Come September 20th, I’m sorry to say, we all can learn a lesson from the Arabs.