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Wild Bill & The Nazi-Arab Alignment

By Tamar Yonah
8/29/2011, 7:08 PM

Below are two short video clips that you must see!

One is of a modern day German, Jew-Hating Nazi, that believes that the Jews have horns on their heads. It is amazing that in 2011, there are still people around like this. It just goes to show that these German-Nazis are breastfed hate through their mother's milk.
- today. Not unlike the Jew-Hating Anti-Semitic Arab Muslims.

The second video is of a good lookin' All-American type guy who calls himself 'Wild Bill for America'. G-d bless this guy. He tells it like it is. Though part of his speech was taken from the superb article written several years ago by Yashiko Sagamori, his delivery was a '10'.

Whose side do you prefer to be on?

Jews are part of the Devil - I Hate Jewish People.?

This is the opening scene from the TV show "Antisemitism- Not what you thought it was" which aired in 2005 in the Israeli channel 2.

---Dang! I can't post the video or the link here with the new website design, I'll speak with the web master about this. In the meantime, PLEASE do a search for both of these videos (copy and paste them) on youtube and watch the short clips there:

1)  Antisemitism- Not what you thought it was


2)  Islam's Greatest Invention