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Thank you

By David Wilder
5/17/2011, 12:00 AM

Back in February, 2008, speaking to my friend and colleague Baruch Gordon, I mentioned thinking about writing a blog.

Previously I'd worked extensively with Arutz 7, Israel National News. A while back I'd hosted a weekly radio show, and had sent them articles and commentaries, posted on their site for years. I felt like we were two arms of one body.

As soon as I said the word blog, Baruch exclaimed, "You've got one." And so, on 5 Adar 5768, that being February 11, 2008, my first INN blog appeared.

I have no idea how many postings I've pasted into my "New Message" blog box since then, but yesterday, or maybe on Sunday, this blog went over 300,000 pageviews. As far as I'm concerned, that's amazing.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for showing such interest, not only in Hebron, and my postings, but for taking the time to read the news and articles and other blogs appearing on this wonderful and important web site.

Additionally, of course, gratitude to Arutz 7 - INN for providing me this space. Without them, this blog would not exist.


However, a blog without some other content is not sufficient.

A few days ago friends of mine from Norway visited Hebron. Mr. Leif Wellerop, the Nowegian director of ICEJ has been a friend of mine, and of Hebron, for many years. Recently an article appeared in a Norwegian newspaper about 'apartheid in Hebron." He came in to investigate the allegations and discover the truth. I spent time with him and several of his friends, including the ICEJ director from Sri Lanka, showing them the real apartheid in Hebron.

Following our tour, I conducted a short interview with Leif, which I post here for your viewing.