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Terror Victims Fight Back

By Tzvi Fishman
3/24/2011, 12:00 AM

When Meir Indor saw that the Fogel massacre in Itamar was given scant notice in the world media, he set off to America. He’s there now, and maybe you can help him.

Meir Indor


Lieutenant Colonel Meir Indor has been the head of the Almagor Terror Victims Association in Israel for twenty five years. Almagor is an organization made up of terror victims and their families, who have come together to make the fight against terror a public battle. I have worked with them on a volunteer basis since their inception, helping to bring their case to the media.

Acting on their behalf


Indor says: “After the brutal Fogel family murders, the missiles falling in Beer Sheva and Ashdod, and the bus bombing in Jerusalem today, the voice of the victimized Israeli families must be heard. One cannot dismiss them.  People who have lost a loved one to terror have a right to speak out loudly and be heard.  They are the moral voice that the world must hear to crack down on Arab terror. In addition, by carrying the torch in the fight against terror, they are able to create a more meaningful life for themselves. After the devastation of having parents, relatives, or children killed by terrorists, by lobbying the Israeli government of Israel to crack down on terror, they are helping Israel and Jews the world over. This gives their lives more meaning and provides a channel for their anger and pain.”

Meir Indor - Victim of Arab Terror


Immediately after the Fogel massacre, Indor, who himself was recently wounded when Arab high school students pelted his car with rocks as he drove with his wife on the Mount of Olives, demanded that the Israeli government institute the death penalty for terrorists. Ever since the “Jabril Exchange” in 1986, he has led the fight against the mass release of imprisoned terrorists, stressing the fact that many return to kill again.

Indor was one of the first commanders of a special IDF espionage unit fighting terror in Gaza. Son of Holocaust survivors from Poland, he was twice wounded fighting terrorists in battle. He fought in the Six-Day War, War of Attrition, Yom Kippur War, the Litani Champaign, and Operation Peace for Galilee. In 1979, he founded the Atzmona settlement in the Gaza Strip. A year later he set up the Hebron Fund for the settlement of Hebron, and established, along with Rabbi Yehuda Hazani, the Sarel-Volunteers for Israel projects which has brought tens of thousands of volunteers to Israel. In 1984 he established the Habaita Organization to assist Soviet Jewry, and founded the IDF Shomer Israel Project which trains Diaspora youth for army service. The Almagor Terror Victims Association, which he began in 1986 with other terror victims, has spearheaded a powerful public lobby against terrorism which has prevented successive governments from becoming soft on terror in order to please the Palestinians and foreign pressure. In addition to the social services it provides to the families, holiday gatherings, summer trips for teenagers, counseling and legal services to make sure the victims receive their full rights, the organization wages a constant battle in the Israeli media to counteract pro-Palestinian tendencies, and the international demand for Israeli concessions, like closing down roadblocks, which endangers the security of the Jewsish State and its Jewish citizens.   

As Indor sees it, the most pressing problem facing Israel today is the need to prevent the creation of a Palestinian State. No matter how small such a state would be, he maintains that the danger is enormous. Among other things, Palestinian sovereignty means that the Israeli Army would lose the ability to enter areas under Palestinian control in order to capture terrorists, gather vital intelligence, and stop rocket launches and other planned attacks.

Letting the Almagor volunteer staff attend to the traditional distribution of Purim Mishloach Manot to the families of terror victims, Indor flew to America to gain support for the continuing battle against Islamic terror. During his meetings in Florida, New York, and Washington, Indor hopes to raise funds for two urgent projects:

To derail the government of Israel from establishing a Palestinian (soon-to-turn Hamas) state, Indor is planning to put together a forum of retired army commanders and dozens of bereaved parents of terror attacks, and hold an open conference at Bar-Ilan University before Netanyahu's anticipated speech outlining his peace plan. The media conference would address the danger and folly of creating a Palestinian state, especially in light of the recent escalation of terrorist attacks in Israel, and the great instability in the Middle East, where Islamic fundamentalism is on the rise.

Concurrently, Indor wants to send a large delegation of terror victims to Europe and the United States, to meet with the media, local Jewish communities, world leaders, and members of the Congress and Senate in Washington DC. While the Israel Foreign Ministry is prepared to help with materials and logistical support, private funding is needed to bring the group to America and European capitals. Indor is currently looking for communities that can host the delegation. He believes that the media and public opinion battle are vital in order to afford Israel the freedom to crack down on terror and guarantee the safety, sovereignty, and secure existence of the Jewish State.

If anyone would like to help the terror victims, their families, and the Almagor organization in presenting their case to the world, so that our side of the story be heard, please send in a talkback explaining how you can help, or write to me at, or phone Hedva, the organization’s volunteer director in Jerusalem, 054-8071882.

Hatzak v'amatz!