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It's Getting More and More Embarrassing to Be Israeli

By Batya Medad
3/23/2011, 12:00 AM

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It's Getting More and More Embarrassing to Be Israeli

I wish our Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu would take note of:
Never complain and never explain. Benjamin Disraeli

There's no need to apologize or "investigate" the injuring or even killing our enemies, even if they're "under age," civilians, human shields etc.  That is weakness and totally removes, deletes any remaining fear they may have of us.  The theory of military "deterrence" is a farce, when the enemy knows that you don't have the guts, confidence and determination to kill. 

Our wars, attacks, responses to missiles and weapons being fired on us (Israeli citizens) shouldn't be against empty buildings and deserted pieces of land.  Why waste our expensive weapons on shooting up some shrubs?  The IDF isn't defending Israeli citizens by attacking concrete.

What was the IDF attacking?