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Remember Where You're Headed!

By Tzvi Fishman
3/8/2011, 12:00 AM

Today at the nursing home, the ladies made paper cut-out dolls. I told them that the little figures represented the sons of the wicked Haman, and that we were going to hang them up in honor of the upcoming Purim holiday, just as Mordechai did in Shushan.

You can learn a lot hanging around a nursing home. One of them is humility. How often we forget, in the years of our prime and power, that everything is a gift from G-d. Everything! Our ability to eat, to drink, to walk, to think, to go to the bathroom - it’s all by the grace of G-d. As we say in the blessing of thanks that we recite after leaving the lavatory:

“Blessed are thou … King of the universe, who formed man in wisdom, and created in him a system of ducts and tubes. It is well known before Your glorious throne that if but one of these be opened, or if one of those be closed, it would be impossible to exist in Your presence, even for a single hour. Blessed are You … who heals all creatures and does wonders.”

We shouldn’t take things for granted and think we’re such great hot shots. Time passes fast, my friends, and it won’t be long till your back to wearing diapers.

And think about what a big deal people make about going to fancy restaurants, ordering the finest meals, and complaining in loud arrogant voices when the steak arrives too well done, when before you know it, you’ll be eating meals like this:

So, a little humbleness my friends. The next time you think you have all the answers, remember where you’re headed….