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Oh No, Not Again!

By Tamar Yonah
3/1/2011, 12:00 AM
Conspiracy Theorist Test
Look at this logo of the 2012 London Olympics.  What do you see?

Oh no, not again.  This video below will turn your stomach, because we don't want to learn what the Anti-Semites are saying.  But we need to know.
See what the BBC reports about it:
And here's what the Jew-hating Anti-Semite Conspiracy Theorists are saying about it: (I hope you have an air-sickness bag near you)  
(If Youtube video doesn't show below, then click HERE.)

Well, imagination has run wild again with the Anti-Semites of the world.  They are now claiming that the logo of the 2012 London Olympics is a Zionist plot.  Do you see the word ZION written there?  Do you see a 'swastika' there also?  I mean, if this WAS some Jewish conspiracy, wouldn't we at least be smart enough to put something else subliminally in the logo, like a real tasty falafel and an airplane in it to lure people to tour Israel, spend tourist dollars and get a tasty falafel to boot?  
Really, we could have done better if we Israeli 'Zionists' had designed it.  
(Hat tip to Robin Shepherd who sent out the BBC piece on this.) 

Let's have fun with this.  Leave your 'zionist plot' ideas for an Olympic 2012 logo below. Let's show these anti-Semites what we've got!  LOL