The Truth Hurts: They Are Coming to Die ...and to Kill

Tamar Yonah ,

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Tamar Yonah
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Warning:  This blog post contains graphic material.

Over 1,100 hostages.  777 of them were children. Over 380 killed. More than half of the victims were kids.
"There will be more raids", he [the terrorist] says, "they are not expensive. Beslan cost only 8,000  Euros."

The Beslan school massacre on Sept. 1st, 2004.  You all must remember it. I spoke about it on my radio show just the other day, how one cannot appease terror.

Beslan: 1100 people, men, women and mostly children, were rounded up by Muslim Chechen terrorists and held under gun point and explosives in the school's gymnasium where they spent three days in hell before they were blown up and shot to death.  
The monsters who did this were Chehen Muslim Terrorists.  They planned and executed the attack, knowingly and calculatingly, targeting School Number One (SNO) in Beslan, North Ossetia, in the North Caucasus region of the Russian Federation.  The target wasn't the Russian army, it was innocent men women and children on the first day of school. 

I will never forget the story that one of the women hostages who survived the ordeal told.  I remember it like this:  When begging for her life and trying to reason with one of the terrorists, she pleaded "What is it that you want?  Please, is it money?  Whatever it is, I am sure that the government will give it to you!"  The terrorist looked at her and responded, " We didn't come here for money, we came here die".

What do you do with an adversary like that?  How can you negotiate with them?  How can you work at all with them, when their ultimate goal is to meet Allah in the next world and gain their rewards?  There is no talking to them, there is no negotiating with them, there is no appeasing them!  They came to die.

Please watch this piece on the Beslan School terror attack/hostage crisis.  WARNING: Some scenes are graphic.

Going back to find the exact quote of the terrorist where he said they came to die, I fell upon some additional information that was NOT reported on in the Western media, and that was of the child rapes that occurred.  In the article, "Sexual Terror: The Untold Stories of Beslan Jihad" by Deborah Schurman-Kauflin PhD,  the Muslim terrorists brutally raped some of the young girls hostages - in a most sadistic and cruel way ...after they shot and killed the biggest and strongest of men hostages [see photo at top of blog post of the men's bodies strewn in a pile].  Not only did the western media not cover the brutal rape reports, but it is written about on internet forum sites that on the 5th anniversary of the attacks,  the words 'Muslim' and  'terrorist' were erased, and instead 'Chechen' & 'Militants' was used as replacements.  No mention of Islam at all. Islam was wiped clean of the crime, yet studies show that the sexual humiliation of victims is their M.O.  Take for instance, the brutal facts released of what other Muslim terrorists did to their victims in the Mumbai terror attacks: sexual assault and mutilation of their hostages.  The thought is very hard to take, but for those who want more info, click HERE.

We cannot negotiate with monsters who 'come to die'. 

And today, has the world learned? Not only has terrorism not subsided, it has grown and is not only expected, but excused and justified.  Today, Egypt is being over-turned and most likely it's outcome will be a government of the Muslim Brotherhood, father of the Hamas terrorists. And the world again expects and asks Israel to give in and appease them - for the sake of peace?

How? How can the freakin' lousy two-faced Jew-hating international community tell Israel it must appease and give in to terrorists, and in this way we will finally achieve peace?  How do Israel's foolish, and perhaps, bought-off corrupt leaders, think they are going to outsmart and  'buy time' in negotiating away the land of Israel?  In the end, we will pay, and we will pay dearly.  And so will the rest of the world in giving into and enabling the terrorists.  "First the Saturday Ppeople, and then the Sunday People." -they say, as they list their victims in order.  Appeasing and feeding this monster that wishes to devour us all will only strengthen it, and be the demise of us.

Rabbi Kahane, had a keen sense of what the future would be for Israel if it did not accept its role of being a light unto the nations and to face and tell the truth.  He knew that turning our backs on the truth, and ignoring the facts so we could strive to be accepted by the nations, would bring needless suffering to our nation. He would give this parable from the Talmud to warn us what would happen if we chose the foolish path:

Once there was a king who sent his servant to buy a fish.  The servant returned with a fish that stank.  In fury the king gave the servant a choice of three punishments: Eat the fish, get whipped for the fish, or pay for the fish.  In common with most people, the servant chose not to reach into his pocket and he decided to eat the stinking fish but after two bites the stench made him give up and he decided to get whipped for it.  The pain of the lashes, however, made him stop that, too, and he cried out, I will pay for the fish!

In the end, the foolish servant ended up having to eat the stinky, spoiled, fish, get painfully whipped , and then in the end, pay for the fish, saddling upon himself all three punishments. If he were wiser, he would have just faced the truth of the situation, dug into his pocket, paid the price, and be done with it, bearing some discomfort.  Sometimes life is painful and there is no escape but to bear some discomfort, but it is much wiser to face that truth, than to endure all three punishments.

If Israel -and the West, which too is under threat of Islamic imperialism and world dominance, don't face up to the impossibility of living in peace with these modern day Nazi Monsters, then we shall pay a heavy price, three fold.

Lying to ourselves, when we have already faced the evil of several past terror attacks, will bring about more blood and disaster to ourselves and our children.  We must face up to the truth, even if it is uncomfortbale, even if it hurts.  They said it:  They are coming to die, ...and to kill.