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Lies & Gimmicks

By Tamar Yonah
1/28/2011, 12:00 AM

A few years ago, I saw an episode of Saturday Night Live. One of the skits they had was of their guest star of that week, standing on stage, and taking questions from the audience.  I don't remember who the guest was, or what exactly was said, but someone in the audience (an actor of course)  stood up and asked the guest something like as follows: 

Audience member:  "I heard that you are getting a divorce from your wife, and that you were abusive towards her."

SNL Guest:  "I'm not getting a divorce.  My wife and I are very happy together!  Where did you hear that?""

Audience member:  "I read about it on the internet."

Guest:  "Well, it's not true.  Anything else you want to ask?"

Audience member:  "Yes, I also heard that you were turned down for doing an upcoming movie because you are so difficult to work with and that you butt heads with the directors of every picture you work on."

Guest:  "Uh, listen buddy, I don't know why you are saying these things, they're absolutely not true, and in fact, I get along wonderfully with my fellow cast and crew members.  Where did you hear all these stories?"

Audience member:  "I read it on the internet."

Guest:  "Please, tell me where you read all these lies against me." 

Audience member:  "On my website."

And so too, our enemies write and propagandize complete lies and fabrications about Israel.  Take the Mohamed Al Dura case.  The Arabs claimed that IDF troops shot and killed the boy in a shoot out: 

"The image of Mohammed Al Dura, a 12-year-old Palestinian boy crouched in terror behind his father as he allegedly becomes the fatal victim of Israeli bullets, has become an icon of Palestinian "martyrdom," especially in the Arab world. It has been repeatedly broadcast on television, appeared in Palestinian posters, advertisements and on Arab country postage stamps, fueling Palestinian hatred of and violence against Israel. "

However, the Al Dura story was proven to be a hoax. It was mainly French journalist Phillipe Karsenty who took the blows, fought hard and even went to court to expose these vicious blood libel lies.  And he won. Among the facts: 
a)  The boy was not in the line of fire of the IDF.
b)  There is no proof of a body or that he was killed or even shot. 
c)  There was no blood at the scene, even though it was claimed he had been shot several times.
d) In the film, the boy, who was allegedly shot dead, miraculously raises his arm and opens his eyes to look at what's going on.  Click here to see.  Also, for those who wish, you can listen to the show I did with Mr. Karsenty here.

Media watchdogs and army intelligence have caught on film the 'Pallywood' scenes that our enemies stage.  Fake reports of Palestinian Authority protestors being shot and killed, or of supposedly 'dead bodies' placed on stretchers and being brought for burial, only to fall off the stretcher and 'miraculously' come to life and climb back on.  Watch here
Facts don't seem to matter when the other side plays the broken record routine of how evil Israel is.

Israel just isn't able to fight it. They outnumber us and they outweigh us in wealth. Add to that, that Israel is always on the defensive and apologizes before we even know the facts of a case.  It could also be that we are just inept when it comes to hasbara (explaining our case).  We are up against a very slick and tricky foe.  As they say, "A Lie goes around the world, before Truth can put its pants on."

Facts don't seem to matter when the other side plays the broken record routine of how evil Israel is. 

So how should Israel fight liars?  When honest and proven facts pale to conjured up lies, what can honest people do to fight the darkness?  Please view both these videos and leave your suggestions in the comment box below.


Facts don't matter in this political discussion:


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