We Can Do Better, Barak

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Oh no!  Not again!  Ehud Barak has started a new political party in the Knesset.  Its called, 'Atzmaut' (Independence) .

I thought that we could do better.

Please leave your suggestions for a more honest names, or useful political party names for the citizens of Israel.
I'll start them off, you can add.

First of all, the next party to be formed should be a party called the 'No More Political Parties in Israel!' party.

But let's be realistic, and give realistic names and their mottos. 

How about:

The 'Buy My Vote' party:   'We'll sell out to Anyone'


The 'Green' Party:  "Recycle.  - Especially Israeli Politicians" 

(I think I heard that somewhere before)

The Appeasement Party: We cow-tow to Everyone!

'PROMISE' :  Their motto: We Promise never to keep our promises.

'Guns & Dope' Party:  Uniting the Right and the Left

The 'W.O.O.F.' party. (Wimps Out Of Funds)  "Panting and wagging their tails for our masters - or for whoever throws us a bone."  Their platform: We'll say yes to bribes, portfolio pay offs and anything else that pads our bank accounts.

add your own...

Write a caption to this photo. 

What is Ehud Barak telling Binyamin Netanyahu? 

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