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You Can Help Save Victims of the Fire

By Tamar Yonah
12/4/2010, 12:00 AM

Many emails have been coming my way on how to help the vicitms and rescue workers who are fighting the blaze in the Carmel, or have been victims of it.  I have family on my side as well as my husband's side who live up north in the Carmel, and near it. Here's one way to help, and that is to send funds to ZAKA, the organization that are usually the first on scenes of terror attacks, road accidents, and any other deadly emergencies.  They arrive at the scene, attend to those who are still alive, tend to them medically, and then after the ambulances take them to the hospital, the Zaka volunteers remain on the scene and work gathering bodies, body pieces (that might have been strewn away by a bomb), and attend to the aftermath and clean-up.  It is gruesome work that few wish to do, or even could bring themselves to do.  They need your help, which in turn could save lives in the future.

Click HERE to fill out this form to send them immediate help.

G-d bless you who help, and G-d bless the victims and their families, s well as all the workers and volunteers fighting this blaze. an aside, for those who know Hebrew, or want to watch LIVE TV of Israel's Channel 10 news for this particular story (as long as they are covering it) you can see LIVE news by clicking HERE.  After clicking, just wait, and it should load and connect automatically, unless an ad comes up first, then just hit the left corner which says דלג.