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GTA: Arab Style

By Tamar Yonah
10/14/2010, 12:00 AM
While this isn't grand theft auto, it is 'Grand Theft Arabs'...
If these Arab criminal youth aren't stealing cars, they're stoning them. Where are their parents?
(More stoning of Arabs on Israeli cars here.)
Notice the twisted (ouch!) leg on the youth by the headlight, and I think the kid upside down above the hood should do his break-dancing somewhere else.
(I don't know who to credit for the picture, if anyone knows, please email me so I can credit him/her.)

Comments are open to answer my question above:  Where are their parents?  I will start, you can finish....
a) Their parents were at a Hamas meeting.
b) Their parents were strapping a bomb vest onto their younger brother.
c) Their parents were pulling out olive trees at a nearby Jewish settlment and blaming it on the Jews. 
d) Their parents were setting a forest fire somewhere in Israel.
e) All of the above
f)  _____________   (Your turn, let's see some creativity here! Post your answers below.)