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Poetry Submission: The Key to Life by Avrohom Bilgrei

By Ben Bresky
9/20/2010, 12:00 AM

The Key to Life
by Avrohom Bilgrei

The key to life is not who you know, but what you share
And how much you do share.
Not how resolute you are, but how embracing of change you are.
One's capacity to make a friend of the unknown in search of the positive.
To embrace the positive while relinquishing the negative
Without considering how new the positive is,
Nor how intrenched the negative
Without regard to how much you agree with the negative
Nor how disagreeable the positive may appear, just to be
Able to see and to distinguish between the two
Not to find solice in the familiar , nor discomfort in the unfamiliar
To know there is a black and white in life with objective clarity
When you find the gray...
Find a place for it, but...
Don't allow "it" to displace black or white you can juggle the three!
Without dissodence
Without politics
It's true this requires patience and...
D - i - s - c - i - p - l - i - n - e
It is not eeeeasy
But, it's not complicated!
Don't let the bastards and the manipulators confuse you
The bastards are illegitmate
The manipulators deceptive
Find piece, of mind, of thought, of emotion, of spirit,
Find those who embody these traits , latch on to them-
Creativity will follow
Realization will set in!
You will will have a vessel for the spiritual , you will evolve
The effort will be minimal
You will be sublimly unique
You will transcend "organized" religion
"Organized" anything, procure the ultimate grace, and
Be on a first name basis with truth and G-d!

# # #
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