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The King is Always Watching!

By Tzvi Fishman
9/7/2010, 12:00 AM

Our Sages have taught us that everything that G-d created, He created for His glory. Let’s take the Internet and television for example. The Midrash tells us that the entire world heard the blast of the shofar when the Torah was given to the Jews on Mount Sinai. How is this possible? Surely it’s just a story. Yet with the age of Internet and television, an event can occur in some remote spot on the globe and be seen and heard by everyone, all over the world, at the very same instant.

Modern technology is merely G-d in disguise.

Through G-d’s miraculous gift of global communication, everyone is going to be a witness to the Mashiach’s arrival in Jerusalem, not just the fortunate Jews who live here. This great day, may it come soon, will be a magnificent revelation of G-d’s unsurpassed glory, thanks to the Internet and TV.

Google Earth is another fine example. Using satellite technologies, cameras in outer space can zoom in on any country, city, street, and house in any place in the world.

Wherever you are, the King is watching!

This is to remind us that G-d is watching us everywhere. The King of the Universe, who created us, and told us via the Torah what he wants us to do on this planet, He sees and records everything, at every second, in every place, every single day of the year. Thanks to Google Earth, we can more fully grasp what we often forget during our busy lives – that the King of the World watches everything little thing we do and keeps an irrefutable video record in His film archives in Heaven.

Bank robber filmed in the act.

Every time we lied, or got angry, or gazed at a forbidden image on the Internet – or performed a good deed or studied Torah, it’s all been recorded in living color!

I don’t know about you, but picturing it gives me the willies. Thinking about some of the whoooooooopies I’ve done in my life makes me blush all over in shame. How am I ever going to be able to stand before the Heavenly Court and argue my case when all of the evidence is up on the gigantic, IMAX, Dolby Stereo, Screen in the sky?

You're the star of the movie!


Why am I writing about this? Because the Days of Awe are upon us, and the King of the Universe is watching, and recording all our deeds, just as He has been doing all of our lives, in Super Zoom. 

Let me give you a few examples. One hot day this summer, one of my wife’s old childhood friends came to Jerusalem from Kfar Saba to visit. She called from Meverserret, a ten minute drive away, saying that her daughter had to drop her off there and could I come and pick her up. I was nervous that day, with lots to do, and still having a blog to finish, I told her no, even though I knew that she had been having some troubles with her leg, and was overweight to boost. A while later, my wife phoned and asked me to do the same simple act of kindness and go get her friend. I told her that our son could take our car and pick her up. After he brought her to our home, I took the car to do an errand. On the way, the radiator overheated and the motor was completely destroyed. It cost me ten-thousand shekels to replace it – all because I didn’t rush to do the mitzvah of helping a fellow Jew with the car that G-d, in His goodness, had lent me.

EVERYTHING is brought into judgment!


Another time this year, I got angry at my wife on Shabbat. Within a minute, a main fuse blew in the house and we spent the rest of the day without electricity. Coincidence? No way.

On another occasion, I was walking down the street when an attractive women crossed my path dressed in a mini-skirt and flimsy blouse. Instead of averting my gaze, I did a double take, sneaking a second look as she passed. Immediately, a sharp pain ran up and down my spine, my neck tightened like a vice, and I had to walk around for a week with a neck brace, chewing painkillers.  

My slipped disc 


Believe me, my friends, every second is computerized, everything we do, along with the reward and the punishment for all of our actions, if not in This World, then in the Next.

Thankfully, G-d is a compassionate and loving Father, and He is always happy to accept our prayers for forgiveness, and He has given us these days of penitence to make a new start.    

So, right here and now, I want to ask G-d to forgive me for all of the things I did this year, and all other years, against His will. And I want to ask my wife to forgive me for getting angry at her, and sneaking peaks at other women now and again, and for spending more time with my laptop than with her. In fact, right now I am going out to buy her a gift for the holiday! And I am going to phone her friend and ask her forgiveness once again for not having come to pick her up immediately on that hot and expensive summer day.

And I want to ask all of you to forgive me for all of the things that I wrote that made you angry, or insulted your feelings, or caused you to have negative feelings about the Torah, or Eretz Yisrael, or religious people, G-d forbid. I also extend my apologies once more that your talkbacks get held up so long in the INN editing warehouse. 

Finally, I want to thank G-d for His kindness and patience and willingness to let penitents begin anew. And to thank Him for bringing me to Torah, and to Israel, and for providing for all my needs, and giving me a wonderful wife and children, and thank Him for our health and wellbeing, and thank Him for letting me use the talents He gave me to magnify His Name and spread the teachings of His Torah.

This coming year, blee nader, I hope to be blogging less, and spending more time helping my wife around the house, and taking her for fun outings, and spending more time learning Torah with my children.

May the good L-rd bless you, and all the House of Israel, with a year of health, happiness, prosperity, and peace, and with the special blessing of living in the Land that G-d watches over from the beginning of the year to the end. May all of the evil governments of the nations be obliterated, and may all peoples come to know that the G-d of Israel is the one and only King. 

Shana tova v’tikatavu v’tikatamu!