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Hebron Calendar / Selichot@Machpela / Machpela schedule

By David Wilder
8/30/2010, 12:00 AM


When is Machpela (the Isaac Hall) open to Jewish worshipers?

During the upcoming holiday season there are days when all of Ma'arat HaMachpela is open entirely to Jewish visitors, including the Isaac Hall, which is open to Jews only ten days a year.

These days include:

Rosh HaShana - Thursday and Friday - 1 - 2 Tishrei - 9-10/09/10
Aseret Yomi Tshuva - Monday - 6 Tishrei - 14/09/10
Yom Kippur - Shabbat - 10 Tishrei - 18/09/10
Succot: - Sunday and Monday - 18-19 Tishrei - 26-27/09/10

There are also days when the building is totally closed to Jewish visitors. This year the Arab month of Ramadan coincides with the Hebrew month of Elul, and there are a number of days during the next month when the site is inaccessible to Jewish visitors.

Friday 13.08.10
Friday 20.08.10
Friday 27.08.10
Friday 03.09.10
Shabbat 04.09.10
Thursday 09.09.10

To confirm these dates, email: or call: 052-8990309.



The Merit of the Forefathers will Redeem the Sons

Selichot in Hebron

Remember the Covenant of Abraham

at Ma'arat HaMachpela

Rosh HaShana Eve

Transportation from Jerusalem

Tuesday night at 22:30 (10:30 PM)

From Shaulson Road, Har Nof (next to Yesh)
and also under the bridge between the Malcha Mall
and the Teddy Stadium

Call 052-2283-672 for details and reservations