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Testing? And Now From the North...

By Batya Medad
8/4/2010, 12:00 AM

Here in the genuine "Bible belt," the Shomron (Samarian) Mountains where most of Jewish History actually happened, we're suffering an unusually humid heatwave.  I hope that you're more comfortable than I am in my barely cooled by a small fan home.  You can read all about it on me-ander and more of my opinions and political observations on Shiloh Musings.

Testing? And Now From the North...


Were the two attacks coordinated, the katyushas on Eilat and the and now the fatal one from the Lebanese on Israeli border troops?
"A senior American official in Washington said that, based on what had been learned so far, the Lebanese military appeared to have been responsible for starting the gunfire."  (complete article)

Actually, there was another recent one, on Ashkelon making making it three Arab attacks on Israel in less than a week.

Where's Israel's response?

Do you hear or see anything in the news?

Are foreign "peace-loving" diplomats, the United Nations or the United States defending Israel and condemning the attacks?

Does anyone see a dangerous pattern here?

What's next?