Poetry Submission: Fed Up! Words from a Danish-American

Ben Bresky,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Ben Bresky
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Fed Up!
by J.P.Christiansen

We love the Jewish people!
Get it,
vapid public commentators,
and various members of 'think-tanks',
high on yourselves from intellectualization
and abstraction on theory,
and not physical involvement,
for the survival of the state of Israel,
ready as you are to condemn an out-post of freedom,
surrounded by religious insanity.

We love the Jewish people!
Get it,
European and US political cowards,
denying from your deep, comfortable couches,
or safe, protected, tax-payer offices,
the right of Israel to defend itself
against surrounding Muslim enemies
wishing only a second Holocaust for Israel.

We love the Jewish people!
Get it, Muslims?

You have a long way to go,
and a lot of religious insanity to make up for,
before you’ve earned the right to claim membership
in our global community of hard-won democracies;
in fact, you have about 1400 years to go,
so stop acting-out like children denied toys,
and get your Allah-crazed act together!

The civilized world is just about fed up
with your juvenile antics and temper-tantrums,
so grow the hell up,
and in the mean-time,
get back on your ADHD medication!

# # #
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