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Gilad Shalit, Another Opportunity Lost

By Batya Medad
6/3/2010, 12:00 AM

This has been quite a week with Israel being forced to board the godzilla flotilla to prevent  all those faux-peace anti-Israel agitators from reaching Gaza.  I've written a lot about it on Shiloh MusingsMe-ander is of a different genre and includes a couple of "caption this" posts.

I think we missed out on a great opportunity.  What do you think?

Gilad Shalit for the Pro-Terrorist Faux Peace Activists, Another Opportunity Lost

That's right.  We shouldn't have released any of the enemy anti-Israel agitators from the Godzilla Flotilla until Gilad Shalit was released and arrived home in Israel.

That demand would have made more sense than all the demonstrations against the Israeli Government, as if Bibi Netanyahu was holding Shalit prisoner.

 Instead the Shalit family is still waiting for Gilad and hundreds of our enemies were sent home to huge festive welcoming celebrations by those who want Israel destroyed and all us Israelis dead.