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America's Downfall is Closer Than You Think

By Tzvi Fishman
3/14/2010, 12:00 AM

If I had to predict, I’d guess that California will be the first state to disappear. Unless the King of the World decides to first bring a colossal tidal wave straight up Chesapeake Bay and obiterate WDC right off the bat.


As we mentioned on several occasions, Hashem orchestrates the universe via spiritual agencies called “sefirot.” The operational arm in this world is known as “Malchut,” which means kingship. Earthquakes, tsunamis, economic crises, plagues, wars, and massive brain strokes, all fall under the jurisdiction of “Malchut.” When Hashem decides to punish mankind for its misdoings, the vehicle He employs is the spiritual agency of “Malchut.”


While “Malchut” manifests itself in the management of the world we live in, in all of its various forms, the geographical heart of “Malchut” in the world is the Land of Israel. And the center of this heart, and thus the center of all the world is Jerusalem, the city of “Malchut, where the Kingship of G-d is most clearly seen in the world. 


Therefore, when America exerts pressure on Israel to freeze building in Judea and Samaria, and even more so in Jerusalem,  the inner heart of “Malchut” experiences this hostile affront as an act of strangulation.  Because Hashem is long-suffering in His patience, He doesn’t allow “Malchut” to strike back in immediate revenge. Rather, He draws the springs of “Malchut” backward, little by little with each act of abuse, until the mechanism is coiled with enormous pressure, like an arrow pulled back in a bow, waiting for the archer to release the taut and vibrating string.


More powerful than a speeding locomotive!


What we have to understand is that the Master of the World has set the Redemption of His Nation Israel into high gear with the resettlement of the Land of Israel in our time, the establishment of Medinat Yisrael, the rebuilding of Jerusalem, the ingathering of the exiles, and reemergence of Israel as a world power in a mere handful of years. All of this is to establish “Malchut” – the Kingship of G-d over the world.


This enormous history spanning, world-shaking Divine Redemption is like a powerful locomotive speeding forward at an incredible velocity. The locomotive won’t be stopped. Anything which tries to stand in its way will be demolished and smashed. G-d’s plan for the world, as promised to the Prophets of Israel, will surely come to pass. America will be blessed if it helps in this great endeavor, or it will be cursed if it dares to try to prevent its inevitable fruition. By trying to puts the brakes upon Israel, and stop Jewish building in the Holy Land, America is standing in the way of this great Heavenly Blueprint. America is striking a direct blow against G-d’s agency of “Malchut,” and “Malchut” will not remain passive for long.


Believe me my friends, 9/11, the flood in New Orleans, and the latest stock market crash are merely gentle warnings. The real blow is on the way.


So Californians, and residents of WDC, my advice to you is to move somewhere else. As far away from America as you can.  Far away from Europe, and from Russia, and from Korea, and Iran and Libya, and just about everywhere else in the world. In fact, ironic as it may sound, pretty soon, the only safe place in the world will be in Israel.