Torah Predicts Haiti Earthquake

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Bible codes are Hebrew letters making up words which are found in equidistant sequences encoded in the Torah.  The words they form can appear in horizontal, vertical, diagonal or even backwards directions and sometimes intersect each other, giving greater connective strength to a code.  

It is with this methodology that retired mathematician and Jerusalem resident, Reuven Wolfeld, discovered for himself the Torah's prediction that there would be a devastating natural disaster in Haiti. Wolfeld is the author of the book, "Truth In Numbers: Revealed Secrets in the Bible", and he also wrote a Torah-codes program for his computer some years ago.  In an interview on The Tamar Yonah Show, he spoke about the earthquake that took place in Haiti on January 12th, however, it wasn't until a couple of days later that the devastation was widely understood by the world. It was then that Wolfeld decided to go to his computer and enter the word  'Haiti' into the Torah codes program he wrote.  He specifically chose to look in the book of Shmot (Exodus) in the chapters that preceded and succeeded the date of the quake.  These were the Torah portions of Va'era, Bo and Shalach.   What he came up with in the search was astounding.  In the Torah portion of 'Bo', he saw the words 'Haiti', 'earthquake', and 'many dead'.  The letters also spelled out the word 'Port' which makes up part of the name of 'Port au Prince', the city which suffered the most devastation. 



Torah code proponents know that one cannot predict the future with Torah codes because every future possibility is already encoded into the Torah.  It is up to the free will of Mankind as to which future will materialize, therefore one may find a code that could portend an upcoming event, but it may or may not happen, and therefore, Torah codes should not be used to foretell events.  However, in one case, a future prediction did indeed take place, and that was the prediction of the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin. Michael Drosnin, an American journalist and author of the book,"The Bible Codes" found words encoded in the Torah portending the murder of the prime minister in 1994. He made an attempt to pass a letter along to Rabin through a contact of his named, Chaim Guri, but the warning was not heeded and Rabin was indeed assassinated in 1995.


In this same vein to try to be prepared for a future calamity, Wolfeld says that he found additional words encoded in the book of  Shmot (Exodus) that give a possible hint of what may develop in the near future.  Words found in the the Torah's text included 'machala' (disease), 'cholera',  'dengue' (a mosquito- borne viral illness & fever usually found in the West Indies), and the word 'dimoom' (bleeding or hemorrhaging).  Wolfeld believes that these words could be clues as to what may next plague Haiti, and has sent a notice of his findings to the World Health Organization - with no reply from them, as well as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) which did reply.  Wolfeld stated that the CDC got back in touch with him about his findings and have stated that they've notified their doctors about what to possibly look out for in the near future.  With water supplies in Haiti contaminated and the lack of hygiene existing because of the devastating conditions there, an outbreak of disease is a real possibility.


In further searches, Wolfeld says sequenced letters found in the Torah portion of Parshat Bo, contain words that could possibly point to a predicted hurricane or other large tropical storm which could hit later this year around August-September which would devastate Haiti even more.  The sequenced letters which appeared in to the Torah codes program spelled out the words; 'Haiti' (written backwards), 'sufah' (storm), Elul (the Hebrew month which is Aug/Sept), and 'ruach yam chazak meod' (a strong wind from the sea).

Wolfeld admits his expertise is in mathematics and gamatria (the secrets of the numerical values of Hebrew letters) as his book " Truth In Numbers: Revealed Secrets in the Bible" focuses on.  However, the words he found encoded in the Torah about Haiti, disease, and storm, give him hope that maybe what is written there could save lives in the future.

To hear the interview with Reuven Wolfeld, click HERE for the interview or HERE for the full show.