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The Sneakers Heard Round the World

By Tzvi Fishman
1/27/2010, 12:00 AM

I know I said I was going on vacation, but I was shocked to hear that a man named Pincus Cohen rose up in the congregation and hurled a pair of good sneakers at Israel's Supreme Court chief judge.

The sneakers heard round the world

Here are a few of the talkbacks taken from the INN article about the shameful incident:

The Lions should hire him or perhaps the Tigers-seems like he has a pretty good arm, with accuracy! 

Everybody knows this man!
This is the man who's house was destroyed by her court order. This is the man who sees that Jewish homes are being demolished while illegal arab homes are still standing. This is the man who witnesses that jews can't pray on the Temple Mount and the supreme judge says nothing about it, but when a mosque in the tooges of the world is being burned, she (the system) calls in the troops and have a Rabbi arrested. This man is me and you and every Jew who fears the present situation of Israel and its citizens.
Idea for Arutz Sheva fund raising. Get the shoes and then auction them off.
I applaud the shoe thower. beinish and her pack are despicable anti-Jews. They played a key role in the evil expulsion of Jews and the destruction of Jewish communities, they continue to favor arabs over Jews such as in the case of Shalom House and the recent open to arabs free travel on road 443, etc.
Where can we send contributions to support the shoe thrower's defense fund?
The applause in the courtroom was not to the evil witch, but to the shoe thrower.
Pincus Cohen. What a coincidence!
In my opinion, comments like these are just as bad as throwing away a pair of good sneakers.