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Addicted to Marijuana

By Tzvi Fishman
1/13/2010, 12:00 AM

Running the website brings me a lot of interesting emails and queries. A fair share relate how the addiction to Internet pornography has ruined their lives. Others asked me all sorts of questions that I try to answer personally, or pass on to the Torah scholars who assist me. There are other questions that I bring to the Kabbalist and Torah Sage, Rabbi Eliahu Leon Levi, to get his direct, unique, and always profound answer.

"I'm not worried about falling."

For instance, because the sexual urge is so strong and cunning, husbands often look for all kinds of justifications for engaging in a variety of sexual gymnastics, instead of the “missionary position” recommended by the rabbis.

Since we are connected to the highest spiritual worlds by invisible strings called “sefirot,” our actions have a direct impact on these upper worlds, for good or for bad. The influences that we trigger above set off a chain of reactions that return back down to our world like a ricocheting pinball, also for good or for bad, depending on our deeds.

Playing pinball with your life.

Rabbi Levy explains that sexual gymnastics upset the natural blueprint of the universe and bring down harsh judgments to the world (especially on the gymnasts and bedroom gymnasium where they take place) instead of bringing down loving-kindness and blessing.

Another very serious concern is that the holy life-force of man is often spilled in vain during bouts of bedroom acrobatics. If this blemish isn’t rectified, the main channel of spiritual and material blessing becomes damaged, with all sorts of unpleasant consequences to the family, may G-d have mercy.

As we have recently written, the six-week period of “Shovavim” is designed to rectify these blemishes. Therefore, my readers are encouraged to learn about these very important matters and undertake some of the suggested remedies. For those of you in Israel who can come to one of Rabbi Levi’s Thursday night “Tikunim,” there’s nothing more uplifting and cleansing. You needn’t worry about feeling embarrassed, as one talkbacker wrote, fearing that everyone would know his secrets. We all fall down in this arena, so you don’t have to get all bent out of shape. Plus if your day-to-day Judaism needs a pick-up, the electrifying all-night gathering is just what the rabbi prescribed. This week’s Tikun will begin Thursday night, Jan 14, at 11pm at the “Yeriot Shlomo” Synagogue in Rosh HaAyin, 1 Yeriot Shlomo Street.

Rabbi Eliahu Leon Levi leading the prayers
Tikun Hatzot
Blowing away the kelipot

Oops. I got sidetracked from the email I wanted to share with you in the hope that you can help out this struggling soul. I wrote him an answer based on my experience in the old days in Hollywood, but maybe you can give him some additional tips more up to date. I told him to keep an eye on the blog for your comments.  

I have a small problem....

Here’s the email:

“I’ve smoked marijuana for years and I feel it affects my spirituality in a negative way. I want to quit but it is hard for some reason. I was wondering what does Torah or Kabbalah say about marijuana and if there a prayer or a technique that will help me to abstain from smoking. I think it will help others too because lately almost everywhere I go, people in our communities smoke marijuana, young and old. Thanks in advance and I am waiting.”