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Poetry Submission: Life is a Riddle by Nosson Kohn

By Ben Bresky
1/3/2010, 12:00 AM

Life is a Riddle
by Nosson Kohn

Life is a Riddle,
who can figure it out?
better know the secret,
don't be in doubt

That which seems sweet
turns out to be bitter,
you only find out in the end
once its too late

That which is feared most of all-
death is its name
turns out to be
-just life re-birthing-
in a higher plane
Letting go of what you want
is the only way to get it,
to improve your performance,
stop thinking about it.

To make the most of time,
loose track of it.
To avoid worrying about the future,
focus on the present moment

The way to the pleasant life
is through hard work,
those who destroy their desires
experience endless pleasure.

# # #

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