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Poetry Submission: Prayer for the Fighters of Israel

By Ben Bresky
12/24/2009, 12:00 AM

Prayer for the Fighters and Soldiers of Israel
by Edward Francisco Villa

Know that you are not alone
While on the battle field
When under the threat of death
Even if you are held captive
Know that your fate lies with your G-d and your people
For He is your Strength
Hope and Comfort.
Remember every morning
Your creator
and at night
His Faithfulness
Mighty and Strong
Courageous and Loyal
until the very end
That He is your Father
that will love you and keep you until the end.
Read and meditate
on His Torah
Your Promise given unto you
Read the Psalms 
of His beloved David
whom He forgave and always loved
Remember G-d's Laws
Given unto you by His Servant Moshe
Who interceded on your behalf and only saw the land...
Even when the enemies of Israel rejoice and jeer
you have The Almighty who loves you  dear...
When the world clamors for you to give up on your promise of life on The Land
You have your Father in Heaven that knows and does not keep His Love from you.
When a comrade falls
never forget his love for you and his people
Remember him in all the good he has done for you and do for him
valantly and courageously
in remembrance of his memory.
The Eternal of Yakkov is always with you
In Brotherhood shall you dwell
always remember  in faith and trust
your G-d who shall never relent in His love nor forget you,
Sons and Daughters of Israel
Know that you have one another
and that in your Father you shall always live.

# # #

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