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      The Israel Beat blog is a place for poetry submission, concert announcemnets, upcoming shows and musings on Jewish music. The Israel Beat Jewish Music Podcast brings you live in-studio performances with up and coming Israeli musicians as well as interviews with the stars of the Jewish music world. Plus your music requests and the free CD give-away air live on the show. Past interviews have included Matisyahu, Avraham Fried, and Miri Ben-Ari. The Beat with Ben Bresky broadcasts live every Sunday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Israel time on Arutz Sheva - Israel National Radio. For more info email bbresky@israelnationalradio.com.

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      Tevet 5, 5770, 12/22/2009

      Poem: Tiger- Tribute to the Israel Defense Force

      I am Ethiopian with Jewish descent on my mother's side. I live in Norway. I am lecturer at various universities in Norway in the field of ethnic minorities. I wrote the attached poem which glorifies the Israeli heroes. I was motivated to write this poem as a tribute to Israeli heroes and my grand father who lived most of his life as a fugitive in Ethiopia and one of war heroes during the Ethio-Italian war (1935-1940). Many of the characters I used in the poem shows the harsh situations my Jewish ancestors have gone through and their resilience and heroism in the face of adversity. 
      Leoul Mekonen
      Bete Israel from Oslo



      Tiger: The bold and the beautiful
      by Leoul Mekonen

      A message came to me in a deep sleep
      I dreamt of a Zodiac animal
      With mystical features and qualities
      That has penetrated deep into my soul.

      Then I remembered, the book of Wisdom
      My forefathers’ treasure, the Talmud
      That says a dream is like an unread letter
      It must be interpreted!

      Yes, I dreamt!

      A living symbol of strength,
      A magnificent creature,
      Dressed in a yellow gold-coat
      Full of power and vigour

      Yes I dreamt, I saw!

      The symbol of power and beauty
      Yellow-coat striped in black
      Beneath his embroidered ferocity
      He is polite, calm and frank.

      Concealing his tracks with his paws
      Through dark and dense forest
      The Tiger enters his stride with grace
      In armour of knowledge and faith

      Prowling in a world full of dangers
      Peril, evil, malice and hazards
      Suspiciousness is his trusted compass
      To detect pitfalls and traps

      Oh! Tiger, Tiger!

      You are prudent and alert
      Graceful yet noble in the jungle
      One of a kind in an enigmatic forest
      A courageous and gallant rebel

      Oh! What a talent and beauty?
      A magnetic personality
      Wise men are attracted to you
      Like bees to honey

      Yes I dreamt and I saw Tiger!

      What a noble creature?
      Animal of regal quality
      Symbol of life and death
      An emblem of dignity

      Yes, I dreamt!

      Tiger is like a man of action,
      Love for adventure is his passion
      He aims high and pursues goals
      Defying defeat and temptation

      Yes, Tiger is a man of action!
      The Sinai Commando on a mission
      Who spots the enemy and ambushes alone
      Under stars and a changing moon

      Tiger is a decorated warrior
      Adorned with an innate camouflage
      He surprises those who cross his path
      And encages them with undying courage

      Oh Tiger!

      What a magnificent creature
      With a great leaping agility
      Alert in the grassland or in the snow
      For the sake of territorial integrity

      What a grace? What a noble?
      Tactical fighter in a jungle
      Tracing his enemy and avenging alone
      Overpowering from any angle

      I believe in the Asian Lore!

      Tiger lives between two worlds
      Among the living and the dead
      He visits graves to assure peace
      For fallen heroes who have passed.

      Tiger is often misunderstood!

      He is not only a hunter
      Tactician killer, matador
      But also a vessel of libido
      A flirtatious, sensual lover


      What a power and beauty?
      Tiger is strikingly mystical
      His agony emanates from his nature
      So solitary, proud and territorial

      Tiger is a person of multiple charms
      Attractive, honoured and blessed
      But solitude is the price he pays
      For his loner attitude and pride

      Tiger is a curious scientist
      In his territory and habitat
      His thirst for knowledge insatiable
      His quest for insight is constant

      Oh, Tiger

      Who would refuse to accept?
      Who would reject your philosophy?
      The one that gives you honour
      And your majestic identity

      I have finally gotten the message, Tiger!

      Why you face trials graciously
      For you have long known the very fact
      That there is no adversity without life
      And no life without adversity!

      # # #

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