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Ehud Barak's Altalena

By Batya Medad
12/17/2009, 12:00 AM

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Ehud Barak's Altalena

Before I get into this post, I wish to take the opportunity to remind any surviving Altalena attackers and supporters of that attack that they ought to do a serious חשבון נפש "cheshbon nefesh," accounting of the soul, their deeds.  There is nothing worse than acts of Jews against Jews, and no fancy liberal-sounding terminology can excuse it.  The Leftists love throwing that burden on us proud patriotic Right wing Israelis and Jews, but history and current events show that they are the guilty ones, not us.
Ehud Barak's attempts to fill the army with technology-dependent yes-men is bad for Israel's security and survival.

Menachem Begin and Irgun and Revisionist followers raised money and bought weapons to use to free the Old City of Jerusalem from Arab rule during Israel's War of Independence.  The armaments and volunteers traveled/were shipped to Israel on the Altalena.  Begin's representatives negotiated with David Ben-Gurion as to how to divide the weapons between the various Jewish fighting units and where to land the ship.

Totally unknown by Begin, Ben-Gurion had other plans.  Ben-Gurion believed that once the public knew that it was due to Begin's contribution that Jerusalem, including the Kotel, western wall, would be guaranteed Jewish, they would support Begin over Ben-Gurion.  To prevent loss of power, Ben-Gurion decided to trick Begin and attack him and the Altalena.

Menachem Begin survived the attack, and the Old Walled City of Jerusalem was captured by the Arabs.  Only during the Six Days War, nineteen years later, was it liberated and returned to Jewish rule.

David Ben-Gurion preferred political power over Jewish rule of our HolyLand, including our historical and religious capital, Jerusalem.

Ehud Barak is following in Ben-Gurion's footsteps by attacking the hesder yeshivot like the one in Har Bracha.  It is a well-known fact that in today's IDF Israel Defense Forces, the most motivated soldiers are the national religious, like those who participate via the hesder framework.  Barak's policies will only weaken the Israeli army.  Apparently, he, too, like Ben-Gurion, prefers personal power over Israeli victory.  He wants soldiers who obey his orders, not intelligent thinking Jews.

 Many of the military mistakes which caused the death of our soldiers during the "second Lebanese War" were due to the changes Barak, himself as Ramat Kal COS, had made in the army.  Barak initiated the dependence on technology rather than human reconnaissance.  Unfortunately things look different on a screen than in real life.  My son's unit was saved, because his officer refused the instructions from "higher up" and didn't stay where they had been ordered.  A different unit followed orders and many were killed and injured, because the place wasn't safe.

Ehud Barak's attempts to fill the army with technology-dependent yes-men is bad for Israel's security and survival.