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3-D Tour of the Holy Temple!

By Tamar Yonah
12/16/2009, 12:00 AM

It's like you are there.  A cool video that brings you inside the Holy Temple making you feel wonderful, and embraced by G-d. 

But first - I have a confession to make.  Let me tell you about it.  Well, you know that it is Chanukah vacation, and it's a slower pace now.  And with this mindset, I thought that I would make some pop corn and sit and watch a movie that one of my guests had checked out from the video store.  It was called Benjamin Button, about a man who was born old and aged backwards.  I thought, great, no prob, the idea of someone going through life backwards sounded intriguing and they needed to return the video soon.  And so I sat and watched, and watched, and watched...  The movie was un-ending!  But I wanted to see how it would wind up, if he would be a baby in the end, or die with the mind of a baby but be 6 feet tall, or whatever, and what he learned from life, etc.  Well, I finally got to the end of watching, and zzzzzzzzzz.  What a waste of my precious time!  It's winter, and night time comes early.  I had started watching in the mid afternoon, and now, it was all dark outside, and I hadn't accomplished anything that day. Not even learned anything or come away with anything after watching that looooooong movie.  Thumbs down on that one.  ...But it won't be thumbs down on this one. 

Watch this move below (thanks to Judith who sent this to me) it really is uplifting and a wonderful holiday experience.  May we merit the Third Temple soon in our time, amen!