Arab Woman Stabs Jew - Caught on video!

Tamar Yonah ,

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לבן ריק
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Tamar Yonah
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A young Arab woman asks for medical treatment in Jerusalem and then stabs a Jewish security guard.  The woman first is caught with a knife in this video that was released, (Thanks to Michelle for the link - read talkback # 42 in previous blog) and then pulls out another knife hidden under her clothes, and stabs the Jewish security guard.  This is not new, where Muslim terrorists abuse Jewish good will, and then turn around and commit deadly and gruesome acts.  They use ambulances as well to commit their dastardly deeds.  There seem to be no red lines when it comes to the Arab-Muslim hatred of Jews, a culture which seems to be nursed on hatred for anyone not accepting of Islam.  Watch the (2nd) video below.  The first video has already been removed from youtube.

The stabbing video below was removed.  Find it HERE


Now for the likely story ( a spoof) of how this happened....

The scene:  Inside the Ikillyah Family's house:

"Fadder, please don't make me marrry Ahmed!  I ahm only 16 and he's 50 and has a wife already.  She hates me anyway and will beat me after he beats her."

"Silence, Jihada!  Yoo will do what your fadder says!  You will be married by the end of the week and that is final, yah pustema!  Yoor already 16, an old maid!"

Jihada slinks away to her bedroom and throws herself on her bed.  Her favorite little sister, Intifada, follows.  "Jihada, Jihada, what arrre yoo so sahd about?  You will hav yoorself soon, a husband!  Mama said you shooldah be happy!" 

"Oh, yooda don't undurstahnd!  Yoora too leetel.   Fadder won'ta start looking forra husband for yoo until you are ten." A lightbulb then goes off above Jihada's head.  "I know!" she thinks to herself, "I know exactly how I can get out of this seetuation!"
Little Intifada's eyes get wide as she asks Jihada what she has planned.  

"It's so brilliant! Jihada exlaims, "I will go and stab a filthy Jew!"
"Oh, can I come too?" begged Intifada.
"No, mon cheri, this is a job for a brave Arab woman.  Yoo areee still young.  You will have ample time to plan your own attacks on the filthy Jew-swine later.  So, thees is my plan.  I stab the Jew bastard and get caught.  I will get a trial and then sent to an Israeli women's prison.  There, mon cheri, I will only have to share my cell room with thrrree other women, instead of our 16 brothers and sisters.  I will be able to watch TV - (she sighs as her eyes look up to the sky)  I miss seeing Gilmore Girls!  I will also be offered and receive an education and make someting out of myself, so when I am exchanged in the next terroreast release, I will have a degrrree under my belt as well as my knife!  Ha!  Perrrfect!
"Oh, Jihada", little Intifada says, "I want to be a terroreast like yoo someday too!  The two smile and hug.