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"No More Ritalin: Stop ADHD In 18 Days"

Dr. Robert DeMaria, known as "Dr. Bob" or the 'Drugless Doctor', joins me on my next show (tonight 12 midnight eastern time, 7am Tuesday morning Israel time.  He exposes the dangers of Ritalin as well as many of the chemicals stuffed into the everyday foods we eat.  Did you know that many of the ingredients in our food like MSG, and all those chemical sounding names are nasty food additives that are poisonous to our system?   Food colors, flavor enhancers, artificial food preservatives, and many of those 'E's  ( E 102, E 210, etc ) are dangerous chemicals added to our foods and are linked to Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD), Hyperactivity, Asthma, Cancer and other medical conditions. Even the whole wheat bread that I buy is filled with 'E's - many of them carcinogenic.  I now try to only buy whole wheat bread without any 'E's, and it is about 12 NIS a loaf ( $3 +) !!!

The chickens that we eat are also injected with arsenic & hormones.  I'm told they are given arsenic in order to swell up their breasts for bigger breast pieces.  Antibiotics are injected into chickens routinely because they are often kept in cages with other chickens, crammed together, with barely enough room to turn around, and feces falling from the cages above. The stench in these chicken coups are overpowering. These chickens are injected with antibiotics to keep them from getting sick from the dismal conditions.  Then, after laying enough eggs, these chickens are slaughtered for your table.  The arsenic, hormones and antibiotics from the chicken meat can then enter your bloodstream.

Ever wonder why the milk we drink has to have vitamin D added to it?  Is it because many milk cows are kept in large buildings, never seeing the light of day, thus no vitamin D in your milk so it has to be added?  True or false?

"Where did all the cows go? In a word, they have been “contained”–penned up on factory farms. Today over 60 percent of all milk cows grow up in containment, the equivalent of a solitary confinement in a maximum security prison. It’s a thoroughly miserable existence. Each cow gets a cramped stall, a bin to eat from, water, and that’s it. No sunlight, no fresh air, no exercise, no socializing. They’re pumped full of hormones to keep them producing and antibiotics to hold the inevitable infections in check. When they die (or collapse), they’re chopped up and used as feed for other factory-produced animals like chickens." See here for more.

Do the foods we eat contribute to making our kids hyper, and thus make parents then seek more chemicals like Ritalin to 'cure' their kids?

I remember once seeing a documentary of a school in the USA that eliminated from their cafeteria all sugared and processed foods.  They started serving whole grains in their menus, and wallah!  All of a sudden, all the behavioral problems they had at the school disappeared.  Teachers were able to teach and not baby-sit, kids were able to sit and concentrate in class and not fidget, and the only problems that the school experienced since, were some students who were tardy getting to school.  Their diet change was a G-d-send.

Though I don't have any kids on Ritalin (thank G-d) someone who is into health and liked the diet in the book suggested we read Dr. Bob DeMaria's book called, 'Stop ADHD In 18 Days' (read it online here ).  In the book is a diet, with explanations on why dairy products are so unhealthy for our bodies, as well as information on the dangers of the additives in the foods that we eat.  My husband borrowed the book to read and decided to try Dr. DeMaria's healthy suggestions for what foods to cut out, and why.  My husband lost 20 pounds without intending to lose weight.  He is 6'4" and wasn't considered fat.  But he got very thin without even trying, and he didn't get strep throat or suffer from any allergies this last year since he went off dairy products and cut out all the processed foods.  It is because of his great success and satisfaction with his new eating habits that I decided to invite Dr. Bob DeMaria on the show for an interview.  --Now, it should only be for me.  I love milk in my coffee (sigh) and the rice milk or soy milk I tried doesn't really seem to cut it.  I'll have to get a hold of his book, as I can't sit at a computer reading e-books.  Maybe it will inspire me as well to make wiser food choices.

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So, if this topic interests you, call in with your questions as I speak with Dr. Bob on this next show. 

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