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Little Old Ladies and Rain

By Tzvi Fishman
10/28/2009, 12:00 AM

The talkback attacks on our distinguished women’s choir must stop immediately. Please. You have to remember that our Matriarch, Sarah, was a little old lady too.

Without Sarah, we wouldn’t be here today. After all, she shares the credit with Avraham by having agreed to abandon her birthplace and make the long trek to Israel with her husband. Remember, in those days, there weren’t jets to whisk you here in a few hours. The journey took months. Yet Sarah didn’t worry about leaving her mother, her beautician, and her Cadillac behind; nor her walk-in closet with a wardrobe of designer dresses and shoes, and her golden tiled bathroom with its wall-to-wall mirrors. She didn’t regret that she had to say goodbye to her bingo games, Lhasa Apso, and psychiatrist. Sarah threw a few suitcases onto the back of a camel and trudged off with her husband, a happy smile on her face, knowing that she was doing the Almighty’s will.

In addition, it was Sarah who taught the world about modesty, keeping modestly inside her tent, out of sight, when strangers appeared. If not for her, and Jewish mothers after her who taught their daughters, generation after generation, about the supreme importance of modesty and dressing like an angel of G-d, we wouldn’t have made it through the onslaughts of exile. For, as the Chofetz Chaim, and many great rabbis have stated, it is modesty which has protected the Jewish Nation from its inception until today. It is modesty which brings down the Divine blessing that safeguards the Nation. And, as the Chofetz Chaim teaches, it is breaches in modesty, may G-d have mercy, which bring all of the disasters upon us.

Thank G-d for our little old ladies. I am not talking about those sad and misguided perversions of beauty, little old Los Angeles ladies, who parade around in undersized teen fashions with their wrinkled krinkles jiggling like gefilta-fish jelly on a plate. I am talking about the paragons of modesty, Jewish women throughout the ages, who have resisted all of the seductions of “enlightenment” and modern fashions designed to transform the pinnacle of creation into a cheap object of animal lust.

So three cheers and a hearty “Yasher Koach!” to our little old ladies. They are the true women of valor. Not the misguided imposters who strive so hard to compete with and outdo the females of the heathen. It is they, the loyal daughters of Sarah, who are the guardians of the Nation, careful to cover their bodies and their hair, inside the house and out, without screaming colors and tight-fitting fabrics, according to the guidelines of Jewish Law.

Therefore, gentlemen, leave the little old ladies alone.


Take your umbrellas and galoshes out of the closet! Get ready for the rain. Yesterday, Rabbi Eliahu Leon Levi and a group of sixty students journeyed up north to the forests of the Hermon to pray for rain.

Rabbi Eliahu Leon Levi

Everyone kept a “taanit debor,” a fast against speaking. After finishing to recite the Book of Psalms, everyone recited the “Tikun HaKlali,” the “Tikun HaYesod Yeshuat Eliahu,” and the “Pitom HaKetoret Al Pe HaSod” to clean up the channels of national blessing that have been damaged from sexual wrongdoing. The pages of my book were splattered by a gentle preview of raindrops as I prayed along with the holy group.

Rain-splattered prayers

Rabbi Leon cried and cried like a baby, saying that if we repented and changed our ways, then G-d would surely answer our supplications. He cited overwhelming temptations of our times, sent by the followers of Bilaam and Balak, to weaken our connection to G-d; and the abominable parades in Jerusalem that openly flaunt the commandments of the Torah, in defiance of G-d and everything holy, just as in the days of Noach.

Raindrops keep falling on my head...

In the merit the prayers of all the Jewish People, the Torah learning of the men, and the modesty of the women, may G-d transform the Rabbi’s tears into raindrops of blessing, and fill up the dry shores of the Kinneret to overflowing.  Amen.