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Poetry Submission: Tears of Yosef by Aviya bat Avraham

By Ben Bresky
10/27/2009, 12:00 AM

The Tears of Yosef
by Aviya bat Avraham

"What do you seek?" the man asked.
"My brothers do I seek; tell me please where they are?" Yosef asked.
"They have journeyed from here" the man replied.
So Yosef went after and found his brothers.
They saw Yosef from afar.
And conspired to kill him.
And they said to one another, "Look the dreamer is coming!"
So now, come let us kill him and throw him in a pit.
And so it was, when Yosef came to his brothers,
They stripped Yosef of his tunic,
They took him and cast him into the pit;
Without knowing of serpents and scorpions in it.
Amidst Yosef's bitter and wailing cries,
His brothers sat and eat.
Behold! a caravan of Ismaelites;
And sold Yosef to the Ismaelites for twenty pieces of silver.
Just as the caravan gleefuly journeyed,
The bitter cries of Yosef becomes the river of tears
That continue to flow in our days;
Screeming in bitterness and pain.
So long, my father Yaacov,
So long, my brother Binyamin,
So long, Israel my home,
So long, till this journey of pain is over.
My brothers, why are you doing this to me? Yosef asked.
My brothers, why have you sold us? the Cantonist asked.
My brothers, why have you uprooted our homes from our heritage - the Land of Israel? the Jewish settlers asked.
My brothers, why are you acting at our enemies side? the faithful Zionist asked.
Until when, O leftist, anti-Zionist and foolish leaders of Israel,
Until when, will you sit and eat blindly and deafly?
Until when, will you take pity on your brother Yosef?
Until when, will you O Yaccov sons come and wipe the tears of your brother Yosef?

# # #

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