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Poetry Submission: Wanderers No More by Yehoshua Dalin

By Ben Bresky
10/26/2009, 12:00 AM

Wanderers No More
by Yehoshua Dalin

Since the first Temple’s burning
And the banishment of our nation
So our people, turned to yearning
To return to our proper station

Our ethos, and our life
Came to ebb, with the loss of our throne
And the stillness of G-d’s people
Came to stink, of dry bones

When our dry bones turned to dust
And the dust, to disappear
The words of the Infinite
Made us Live! Bade us Hear!

And the dust turned into bone
On it sinew burst anew
In the only place worth being
As a nation, as a Jew

So come join me, fellow Jews, and
Let us dance upon the land
Let the desert rise to greet us
With the blossoms of our hand

We will burn the rags of exile
We will bind this open sore
We will shed this domicile
And be wanderers no more!

# # #

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