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Finally, A Hebron Story In Our Favor

By Yisrael Medad
10/20/2009, 12:00 AM
What can I say?  The news that comes out of Hebron rarely deals favorably with the Jews.  Either it's Arab terror, or too robust a reaction to attempts to restrict a Jewish presence in the city or some outsiders butting in.

This is different, though:-

Bodyguards subdued a Palestinian man on Tuesday as he approached Middle East envoy Tony Blair, shouting "You are a terrorist."  The former British prime minister was verbally assailed while visiting an ancient mosque during an official trip to the West Bank city of Hebron.  The protester, carrying a bag, was backed into a corner by guards who tried to shut him up. "He is not welcome in the land of Palestine," the struggling man shouted.

Blair, 56, is envoy for the "Quartet"...He gave a tight-lipped smile and a pacifying wave in the general direction of the shouting man, and afterwards played down the incident as a "protest and that's fair enough", but not one that should be viewed as typical of local feelings....

Well, I am glad Mr. Blair is not upset about protests.  At least that is permitted us.  And I am glad no shoes were thrown at him.

I do hope, however, that the full history of the Cave of the Patriarchs was explained to him, by a Jew.  After all, he should get to know the truth.  That would be fair enough, no?