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Simchat Beit HaShoeva for Women Only with Nomi Teplow

By Ben Bresky
10/4/2009, 12:00 AM

"Do yourselves a favor and listen... In her music there is delicacy, tenderness, and attention to the inner voice, the one that always knows before we do." - Maariv NRG

Nomi is very polished…The energy on stage at the Duhal Amphitheatre…[southern Tel Aviv] can light up the entire Ramat Gan [city north of Tel Aviv]."- Shai Lahav, Maariv, Weekend Magazine

"...the audience is riveted with wonder for she sets a different standard, higher than anything else known to date."
-Roni Maimon, Besheva

Sunday Night, October 4th, 2009
El HaLev Center on the roof – 2 Poalei Tzedek (Pierre Koenig 37), Talpiot, Jerusalem

The show will feature songs from Nomi's new CD "Like A Rushing Spring", some of her popular hits and some songs we all know.
After the show -- A pull-out-the-stops dance!

The band:
Keyboards: Orit Dukler, Guitars: Daniella Boss, Drums: Michal Rahat, Bass: Hadas Trainin

Special Guests – Two Rising Stars:
1. Avital Macales - a leading member of the "Raise Your Spirits" Theatre Company and star of the movie "Sandcastles."
2.Yael Gil - A young singer and conductor who has graced Israel's stages for years, as a backvocalist for Nomi and more recently in various projects. Yael holds a BA in voice from the Rubin Academy of Music and is in the midst of a Masters program in conducting.

Nomi's daughters, Ilana and Hadas Teplow will join her in a moving 3-part rendition of Steve Dropkin's "Oseh Shalom".

Tickets: 50 NIS Pre-Sale, 55/65 NIS students at the door.
To order tickets call: Avigail: 050-6415054

נעמי טפלו/Nomi Teplow