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Poetry Submission: HaKotel Sheli (My Wall)

By Ben Bresky
9/29/2009, 12:00 AM

HaKotel Sheli (My Wall)
by Shifra Hoffman

At this special time of the High Holidays, when multitudes of people come to the Kotel Ma'aravi, I thought it would be propitious to send this poem.  Although it was written more than two decades ago, I believe it is eternally timely and relevant.  
     I am drawn to you, my wall
     Not just from sense of duty
     Nor truth to tell, by beauty...
    For should one gaze at you
          With only naked eye
    And not with love... as I
    Perhaps they see no more than
             Weathered stone...
    Surviving...all alone!
    Yet, I perceive beyond your hewn
     The anguished cries to G-d
      Which centuries of prejudice and hate
      Have brought within your gate.
     I see ensconced within your
        Crevices and seams
     My people's prayers and dreams
     That tenderly, you cherish and
      And time cannot erase!
      Then I rejoice, and feel an inner
      For just as you defy the foe
      Of every generation
      So will the  jewish nation
             Ever proudly stand
                   In our G-d given land!

# # #

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